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Top 6 Eateries Serving Strawberry Delights In Delhi On This Valentine’s Day

13 Feb, 2018 by Sharmila Chand

Who can resist a sight of fresh sparkling red strawberries? Undoubtedly, they enhance the romantic vibes as one of the greatest gourmet pleasures. Low in calories and rich in fibre, these can be enjoyed raw or with cream. However, chefs are not satisfied with simple preparations. They are getting creative in offering an array of strawberry desserts to wow your palate this Valentine’s Day.

Strawberry Risotto And Strawberry-Chocolate Kheer At Gastronomica

Strawberry Risotto is more savoury than sweet but its delicate strawberry flavour makes it a great supper choice. Strawberry And Chocolate Kheer is a dessert that combines the fruity punch of strawberries with the rich desi flavour of kheer. And there is nothing better than adding chocolate to your favourite dessert. This creamy, not super sweet rice kheer is going to win your partner's heart. 

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Strawberry And Chocolate Martini At Hotmess Kitchen & Bar

Do not miss Strawberry and Chocolate Martini - a perfect blend of 'Strawberry', 'Chocolate' and 'Chocolate Syrup'. The flavours of this drink are kept perfectly mild with chocolate flavour.

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Strawberry Manjari Valentine At The Westin

Do not miss this cake made with fresh strawberries and Manjari chocolate. It is soft, creamy and melts in the mouth with fresh strawberries and bursting cocoa. 

Manjari Chocolate is a Single Origin dark chocolate and is made from rare cocoa beans from Madagascar giving it a fresh, acidic, sharp bouquet with red fruit notes, that is the reason strawberries tastes well with this rare chocolate with 64% cocoa.

Strawberry Delicacies By L'OPERA

L’Opéra has created a Heart and Pillow-Shaped Cherry Cake for Valentine’s Day, a Strawberry Lychee Delight, Strawberry Sable and brought back the Classic Fraisier. Strawberries are the seasonal fruit par excellence. ''A heart and pillow shape cake with a unique combination of great ingredients: strawberry & vanilla mousse with Champagne Bavaroise,” describes L’Opéra’s Executive Chef Amit Sinha.  

The Strawberry Lychee Delight – airy strawberry mousse enveloping lychee jelly, placed upon a pistachio base – is the perfect sweet treat for afternoon tea.  

The Classic Fraisier, made with fresh, choice strawberries, vanilla and airy cream is a big-time favourite of the season, with its finesse and simplicity.

For the first time, The Strawberry Sable is also part of the offering. “With a delicate sablé shell, and just enough strawberry, nothing says “Je T’aime” like these delights,” remarks Chef Amit.

Bakhlava At Orza, Ansal Plaza, Delhi

A house signature dish, 'Flakey Pastry' filled with strawberry & pistachio served with 'Saffron Ice Cream'  

Billet Doux at The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, New Delhi

Billet Doux - 'Strawberry Cheese Cake' and ‘Nutties and Berries Affair’ at The Metropolitan Hotel. A dense, creamy, melt-in-mouth cheesecake topped with a swirl of sweet sauce made from fresh strawberries.  

Nutties and Berries Affair is all about mousse and fresh strawberry, berry and nuts. Rich and creamy, it just melts in your mouth and tickles your taste buds.

Written By
Sharmila Chand
Journalist & Author All Food Trends by Sharmila Chand

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