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Top 6 Restaurants Serving The Best Mac N Cheese In Mumbai City

12 Mar, 2018 by Roxanne Bamboat

Cheese, much like Chocolate, has a legion of loyal fans. Out of all the cheese loaded dishes in the city, the one we find that is most popular is the simple, humble Mac n Cheese. It is the comfort food at its very best and is easily found on most restaurant menus. We have picked a couple that we think will knock your socks off!

Smoke House Deli

For a casual yet comfortable meal, Smoke House Deli is always a great choice. While their burgers and main meats are a hot favourite, they make a mean Mac n Cheese and it can be made with an addition of prawns, chicken sausage or even bacon. All three are tasty, but our vote goes to the bacon.

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The Good Wife

A regular Mac n Cheese is sinful enough but when you mix it up with not just one but four different types of cheese you know it is going to be a great dish. The Good Wife has an excellent menu but, this Baked Four Cheese Macaroni is the perfect dish for the ultimate cheese addict. 

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This green and blue themed cafe is as casual as it can get. A great pick for an inexpensive meal and ideal if you are eating out with children. For a filling one-pot meal, their Mac n Cheese Bowl topped with brioche and hazelnut crumbs is ideal and is also one of their best dishes on the menu.

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The Table 

There is very little that can go wrong with a meal at The Table. Maybe, you will have to wait a tad bit longer for your reservation but, you will never have any complaints about their food. One of their many outstanding dishes is their own version of a Classic Mac n Cheese but this one comes with a heady flavour of truffle.

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JamJar Diner

This restaurant is known for their greasy comfort food and one of the best things on their menu is their sinful Mac n Cheese and that is exactly how it is described on their menu. It comes with roasted mushrooms, truffle oil and a thick layer of panko breadcrumbs making it completely irresistible.

Eddie's Bistro

This is not your traditional Mac n Cheese but instead, it is like an Arancini or a Round Deep Fried Fritter that once you bite into it, oozes out some creamy Mac n Cheese. More of appetizers but they are little bombs of Mac n Cheese that give regular Cheese Poppers a whole new meaning.

Written By
Roxanne Bamboat
Food & travel aficionado All Food Trends by Roxanne Bamboat

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