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Top 7 Eateries Hosting The Best Parsi Grub For Navroze In Mumbai

15 Mar, 2018 by Roxanne Bamboat

It is that time of the year when most Parsi caterers and restaurants gear up and create a stunning menu. Navroze is around the corner, and, if you are in the mood for some lip-smacking Parsi food, these are the folks to visit.


Every year this adorable quirky Parsi themed restaurant serves a special Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian set Bhonu. It is a fixed meal that includes popular Parsi favourites like Russian Salad, Sali Jardaloo Chicken, Fried Mackerel, Patra Ni Paneer and Pulao Dal among others. What gives it a slight edge is an amazing ambience and retro music. You feel like you are dining in a Parsi household or a really jazzed up Irani cafe. Either way, it is a fun experience with some delicious food. 

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Mahrukh's Kitchen

If you ask a Parsi, where you can find the best Parsi food, the answer is always at home. The community loves its robust Bhonu and, the ones who make it best are housewives that have been feeding their family for years. 'Mahrukh Mogrelia' is one such housewife who has been delighting the city with her feast like Parsi meals. For Navroze, she has got a lavish menu prepared with Meva nu Acchar, Chicken Liver Egg Masala, Falooda, Tatrela Prawns, Pulao with Dhansak Dal and plenty more!

Bawi Bride

While most folks are sticking to classic recipes, The Bawi Bride kitchen is taking it a notch further with some very interesting innovations. She has taken traditional dishes and given them a unique and more contemporary feel. The Patra Ni Machi Pot Pie is an interesting version of a fish pie cooked in that spicy tangy chutney which is usually steamed in a banana leaf. The Chicken Farcha Bites with Sumac Hummus are a twist to the original recipe with chunky pieces of chicken and the sumac hummus gives it a more Persian flavour. The menu also includes Seer Ni Marghi which is a chicken cooked in a creamy garlic gravy served with bread and a Kid Ghost Pulao with Kheema Kebabs. There is also a Layered Apple Cake for dessert and this menu is the perfect way to celebrate Navroze with some familiar flavours but in a brand new Avtaar.

Katy's Kitchen

'Kurush' and 'Rhea Dalal' are a popular choice within the community for special occasions. This year the menu at Katy's Kitchen has a lot of favourites for Navroze. There is Bheja Na Cutlets(which are fabulous), Patria Ni Macchi, Sali Jardaloo Chicken, Mutton Pulao Dal and Lagan Nu Custard. The Vegetarians have options like Narial Na Doodh Ma Cauliflower, Sambhariya Bheeda and a Vegetarian Pullao Dal.

Shamiana At The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

The all-day dining Shamiana is hosting an exclusive Navroze brunch on 21st March. They do one almost every year and this year is no different. It features a host of dishes along with popular Parsi favourites like Chicken Farcha, Patra Ni Macchi, Lagan Nu Custard and many more.

Jimmy Boy

This is possibly the first ever proper Parsi restaurant in Mumbai. Before Jimmy Boy, you were stuck with Irani cafes if you wanted a Parsi meal, most of which were not open for business at night. Jimmy Boy focuses on all sorts of Parsi specialities and also include a traditional Lagan Nu Bhonu of a wedding feast, which is the perfect way to sample a little of everything.

Ideal Corner

For a typical, no fuss meal, a visit to Ideal Corner in Fort this Navroze will ensure you get a taste of great Parsi food without any distractions. Initially, they were only operational for lunch but have started a dinner service from 07:00 pm onwards. The best part about eating here is their rotating menu and each day has a list of specials only available on that day. Some staples like Cutlets, Bheja Fry, Sali Boti or Chicken Farcha are available throughout the week.

Written By
Roxanne Bamboat
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