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Top 6 Restaurants Serving The Best Bowls Of Soup In Mumbai

20 Jan, 2018 by Roxanne Bamboat

It is the month of January, a new year that has just begun for a break from all the excessive eating in December. All the big celebratory meals are over with and it is back to basics. The best way to enjoy a dose of healthy with a bunch of flavours is to indulge in some hearty soups. They are often always ignored in favour of a pizza or fried snacks but if you pay attention, some restaurants in Mumbai are getting innovative. Step aside sweet corn chicken soup, there is a whole bunch of new kids on the block and these are a few of our favourites.

Tofu Coconut and Citrus Chicken at Salt Water Cafe 

Almost every plate of food served at this restaurant is perfect and it is such a favourite for comforting dishes like steak, burgers or even salads. The true genius is when they can get creative with a soup menu beyond the staple favourites. This coconut based soup with chunks of tofu and chicken is a mix of flavours that familiarity with a Thai dish but actually is not.

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Pumpkin & Sage at AKA Bistro

Two classic ingredients that complement each other, the pumpkin and sage soup is not only comforting but is thick and hearty making is perfect to eat in this slightly cooler months.

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Persian Chicken Soup at SodaBottleOpenerWala

This is the sort of chicken soup one eats when they are feeling under the weather and need a good energy boost. It is full of barley pearls, mixed sprouts, turnip, carrot, mushroom, chicken and some fried vermicelli. There is a vegetarian offering with Shitake mushroom but the Chicken has more of a flavour punch.


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Kaffir Lime Seafood & Coconut Veloute at Carouse Contemporary Kitchen & Bar

This soup feels like a treat with a generous amount of seafood including prawn, scallop and mussels all combined in a thick coconut and kaffir lime mix. It is a rich and indulgent soup no doubt but the perfect to mop up with a nice crusty baguette.

French Onion Soup at Poetry by Love And Cheesecake

A personal favourite, this French onion soup is a bowl of pure indulgence. Caramelized onions, a thick piece of crusty bread and a curtain of thick gooey cheese makes this soup more of a meal than any other. The restaurant is known for their dessert but this might be one of their best-kept secrets.

5 Green Soup at Kitchen Gardens at Suzette Creperie & Cafe

While this sounds far healthier than tasty, this mix of 5 super green leafy ingredients is actually packed with flavour. The kale, edamame, zucchini, broccoli and baby spinach is combined with herbs, a generous squeeze of lime and plenty of miso making it a delicious soup worth devouring.

Tom yum at Lemon Leaf

This restaurant is ideal for Asian inspired comfort food. While we have tried to pick soups that are different and not your usual blend, the Tom Yum here just cannot be avoided. It hits all the right notes, it is spicy, tangy and just so perfect no matter what choice of meat you add to it. A lot of restaurants try to emulate Thai dishes, very few get them right.

Written By
Roxanne Bamboat
Food & travel aficionado All Food Trends by Roxanne Bamboat

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