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Top Restaurants Offering A Gourmet Fare This Poila Baisakh In Kolkata

02 Apr, 2018 by Editorial Team

Like every other festival, food is one of the most significant aspects of Bengalis. And, 'Poila Baisakh (Bengali New Year)' is known to be a day of feast and festivity for them. Hence, the restaurants in the city have come up with special menus that anticipate the fancies of the new age Bengali. We have listed top restaurants in Kolkata, if you want to step out for a meal with family and friends for an ultimate and unforgettable Bangalir Bhuribhoj (Feast for Bangalis).

First Innings, The Stadel, Kolkata 

Dual celebrations are on the cards for The Stadel, as they are all geared up for the Bengali New Year and their 15th Anniversary celebrations. Join them to celebrate with a Bengali sit-down thali for lunch and dinner catering to the needs of the customers on this special day. Some of the dishes which will feature in the special menu include Bori Bhaja, Luchi, Katla Kalia, Cholar Dal, Bhapa Ilish, Mutton Kosa, Topse Bhaja, Jinge Posto, Dhokar Dalna and many more delicious food items. Desserts include Misti Doi, Raj Bhog and others. 

Where: The Stadel, Vivekananda Yuba Bharati Krirangan, Salt Lake Stadium, Gate No.3, Salt Lake, Sector 3, Kolkata 

Deal: Baisakhi Agomoni lunch @ Rs.1134 AI per person | dinner @ Rs.1134 AI per person 

Valid: 15th April 2018 

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The Square - Food Out of Box, Novotel, Kolkata

The Bengali buffet on April 15th will include vegetarian picks like Mochar Chop, Beguni, Basanti Pulao and Chhanar Paturi. Non-vegetarian picks will include Bhapa Pomfret, Narkel Chingri and Bekti Paturi. Plus, classic Bengali desserts like Kheer Kadam, Langcha and Sitabhog. On the other days, the buffet menu with Aam Pora Shorbot, Posto Bora, Murgi Kabiraji, Machher Chop, Jhinge Aloo Posto, Dab Chingri, Ilish Bhapa awaits you at the Rajarhat address.

Where: Novotel, CF 11, Action Area, 1C, New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata

Deal: Poila Baisakh lunch @Rs.1206 AI per person | Poila Baisakh dinner @1521 AI per person

Valid: 6th April 2018 to 15th April 2018

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K-19 All Day Dining, The Radisson Kolkata, Ballygunge

The restaurant will host traditional delicacies like Kasha Mangsho, Chingri Malai Curry, Butter Chicken, Olan, Amritsari Chole, Bhatti Hariyali Murg and Shrikhand, expect a contemporary twist to several others as well. This special Poila Baisakh lunch will also include unlimited Breezer or sparkling wine

Where: Park Plaza, 17, Garcha, 1st Lane, Kolkata

Deal: Poila Baisakh Lunch with limited Breezer or sparkling Wine @ Rs. 1181 AI per person

Valid: 15th April 2018

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Sand, De Sovrani, Kolkata

They will keep it simple and traditional as the hotel gets ample vegetarians as customers for the Poila Baisakh festival. The menu will have 6 vegetarian varieties like Potoler Dorma, Bodi Diye Lau and Chhanar Kofta. In non-vegetarian dishes, there would be prawn, fish, chicken and mutton as options. While the food would be served with 3 pegs of 30ml of IMFL drinks or 2 glasses of wine complimentary.

Where: De Sovrani, DD 21, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Deal: Banglar Rajokiyo Path Thali with 03 Pegs Of 30ml IMFL Drinks (Whiskey OR Vodka) OR 02 Glasses Of Wine @ Rs.1250 AI per person | Banglar Path Buffet with 03 Pegs of 30ml IMFL Drinks (Whiskey OR Vodka) OR 02 Glasses Of Wine @ Rs.1075 AI per person

Valid: 14th April 2018 to 15th April 2018

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Deal: 25% off on food & beverage incl. alcohol
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The Orient, New Town | The Orient, Salt Lake

This one is a special treat that has especially been organized on the occasion of 'Poila Baisakh-Bengali New Year'. Join in at the venue with your family or friends and you get to treat your taste buds to some truly authentic and delicious South East Asian cuisine. The menu would include a 5-course lunch buffet with dishes such as Malaysian Katong Laksa, Raw Papaya Salad, Phad Samunprai Kai, Ga Tau Xi, Butter Garlic Pepper Fried Rice, Wasabi Rosogolla, to name a few.

Where: The Orient, New Town - Ground Floor, City Centre 2, New Town, Kolkata

             The Orient, Salt Lake - City Centre 1, G Block, Sector 1, Salt Lake City, Kolkata

Deal: Poila Baisakh Lunch Buffet @ Rs.799 AI per person

Valid: 15th April 2018

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The Orient, New Town

The Orient, Salt Lake

Hola, Southern Avenue

To set the mood right for the special day, Hola is all set up with a special menu for Poila Baisakh. From irresistible Mochar Chop to Potol Bhaja (shallow fried pointed gourd), to Echor Chingri (Jackfruit Curry with Prawn), mutton and a variety of lip-smacking traditional desserts like Alphonso Rosogulla. This restaurant is definitely going to leave your taste buds tingling.

Where: 40A, Dr Sarat Banerjee Road, Southern Avenue, Kolkata

Deal: Poila Baisakh buffet @ Rs.699 AI per person

Valid: 15th April 2018

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Rendezvous, Salt Lake

If you are looking for a perfect Poila Baisakh feast to satiate your tummies with authentic Bengali flavours, then you must head to Rendezvous, Monotel Business Luxury Hotel. Starting from Narkeli Chingri Soup to Topshe Mach Bhaja and Golda Malai Curry, this restaurant offers an extended range of non-vegetarian delicacies that are close to the heart of Bengalis. Even vegetarian preparations like Begun & Aloo Bhaja, Posto Pyaza Bora and much more. Do not forget to end your feast on a sweet note with Gurer Sandesh and Chenar Malpua.

Where: Monotel Business Luxury Hotel, DM 2, Sector 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Deal: Poila Baisakh lunch buffet @Rs.900 AI per person

Valid: 15th April 2018

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Deal: 20% off on food bill + EXTRA 25% off on pay via app
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Charnock's, Charnok City, Salt Lake

As ‘Good food in an excellent place’ being its motto, Charnock’s is waiting to charm you with finest delectable and mouth-watering courses for this Poila Baisakh. Their Bengali Thali is a must have if you are hunting for a wholesome meal. The dishes would include Maccher Pur Dia Kumrophul Bhaja, Potol Posto, Chingree Bhapa and more. Have a sweet tooth? Then, dig your spoon into a bowl of Baked Rosogulla

Where: KB 26, Sector 3, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Deal: Naba Borsher Maha Bhoj Non-Veg Thaali @ Rs.1285 AI per person | Naba Borsher Maha Bhoj Veg Thali @ Rs.995 AI per person | Naba Borsher Maha Bhoj Junior Veg Thali @ Rs.500 AI per person | Naba Borsher Maha Bhoj Junior Non- veg Thali @ Rs.550 AI per person

Valid: 15th & 16th April 2018

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Deal: 15% of on food & soft bev.
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With the dawn of Poila Baisakh, the feast is definitely going to be a grand one. Happy festivity!

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