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World Burger Tour At Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai

05 Sep, 2017 by Mini Ribeiro

Who can resist a juicy burger with meat, served with delicious toppings, melted cheese and a medley of sauces? This explosion of flavours in a chunky patty, between a freshly baked bun, can be a complete meal in itself. Finding the best burger in Mumbai may require you to traverse the entire city sometimes. But with the World Burger Tour at Hard Rock Café, your search literally begins and ends here, as there is something for every palate. Vegetarian burgers have never tasted so good before and meat-lovers are in for a special treat with the menu offerings here. Priced between Rs. 429 and Rs. 599, these burgers are value-for-money all the way. On offer daily till September 14, from 12 pm – 1 am, at the Worli and Andheri West outlets, this is a journey, every gourmet needs to embark upon. 

The Riveira Burger from Nice, France 

This vegetarian burger can even have carnivores scream with joy. The spicy mango aioli, chimichurri cream, cheddar cheese and fresh slaw impart unique flavours and creamy textures to this savoury delight. A bite into this spongy burger and you are likely to be in a food coma.

The Tango Salsa Burger, Argentina

As the name suggests, this spicy burger from Argentina boasts of smoky flavours all the way. The grilled chicken is any meat lover’s delight. Add to that the hot mustard sauce, fruity law and cheddar cheese and one experiences pure ecstasy in the mouth. 

Lebanese Burger, Lebanon

The moist shwarma chicken patty swathed in garlic hummus sets your taste buds tingling almost instantly. The feta crumbles, onions, mushrooms and peppers add to the crunch and offer diverse flavours. 

The Sucker Punch Burger, Las Vegas

This meaty burger stuffed with cheese is pure indulgence. Topped with cheese, pulled pork, coleslaw wrapped in a tangy sauce, this massive burger is satiating, yet, leaves you craving for more. 

The Quesadilla Burger, Mexico

Polenta, beans, sweet corn and spices come together in a tasty burger patty, with vegetables galore. The spicy enchilada sauce adds zest and flavour and makes this burger an irresistible one. 

Relish these gourmet burgers with the artisan fries and a lip-smacking dipping sauce. Guzzle down a signature cocktail prepared with fresh ingredients and premium spirits, at Hard Rock Café, Mumbai and you are sure to experience the best of global flavours at one go. 

Written By
Mini Ribeiro
Food critic, features writer and columnist All Food Trends by Mini Ribeiro

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