Dummy's Guide to Writing Good Food Reviews

Four Simple Steps to Intelligently Ape Vir Sanghvi (at least, on paper!)

By Valerie Patton

In a country of approximately 1.27 billion people, let’s face it, not all of us can become an Amitabh Bachchan or a Vikas Khanna or Vir Sanghvi or for that matter, India’s very own ‘Eight wonders of the world’ Arnab Goswami. BUT! Yes, but! What if we tell you that EazyDiner will now make it possible for you to perfectly imitate India’s top food critic Vir Sanghvi? We will draw up the simplest, easiest methods on how to systematically pen down your reviews or opinions about restaurants and food that you love without making a fool of yourself.

1. No plagiarism please?

We wholeheartedly accept that two different individuals can think the same way and may agree on the same things. But at the same time, we also know that everyone of you has that peculiar flair, that special something that makes you ‘you’! Hence, we expect you to write keeping in mind your individuality and not the ‘individuality’ of the food reviewer of such and such website.

2. Remember, everything tasty and scrumptious in this world should be shared.

And that is exactly the reason why you should mention some of the star dishes of the restaurantOnce in your lifetime, didn’t you ever chance about this one amazing, out of this world dish or restaurant that you wished had been introduced to you by a genie long ago? Go be a genie for those people out there who are yet to experience the magic that a particular pair of hands can create. Also, not everybody chooses the adventurous way out when it comes to things that go inside their stomach. Most people like to go the tried and tested way.

3. Yes, a good food review should be majorly based on the quality of food, agreed.

But at the same time, you should give a well-balanced review of a restaurant based on the presentation of the food, the ambience, the attentiveness of the staff and the quickness of the service.

4. The language you write should be universally understandable to all breathing organisms of this world.

No doubt, every language is beautiful and exotic in its own unique way. But, it is also a fact that English as a language is one of the top 10 most widely spoken languages in the world. Hence, it goes without a doubt that you would like more than half the population of this world to be able to understand and acknowledge your gastronomical experiences, right?

Now you are armed! Happy EazyReviewing! 

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