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Ice Cream Flavours for this Summer | EazyDiner Food Trends

Ice Cream Flavours for this Summer

The EazyDiner list of unusual flavours

13 Jun, 2015 by Phantom

The EazyDiner list of unusual flavours

So you’ve tried the vanilla, strawberry and chocolate triumvirate of ice cream flavours. Others are so brilliant in their novelty that you wonder why they are not more popular. Here’s our pick of the most unusual flavours in the NCR:

Peanut butter and Nutella ice cream from Minus 30: The no-fuss name is derived from the temperature at which ice cream is formed. You order from the site ( and the ice cream is delivered in 500 ml or 1 litre sizes. Peanut Butter is pleasantly salted (we did say unusual flavours!) and the Nutella is an unusual take on everyone’s favourite bread spread at minus 30 degrees.

If you visit Sakura, you will get the opportunity of ending your meal on a funky note. Wasabi ice cream, with the trademark mustard-like punch and Black Sesame ice cream are the most unusual flavours for ice creams. The black sesame is powdered, so not only does it affect the colour but also the texture.

Both branches of Naturals Ice Cream tend to be crowded at all times of the day and with Tender coconut ice cream on offer, we understand why. There is something soft and familiar about this flavour, with chunks of tender coconut in every scoop. Our other favourite is Custard Apple, whose season will begin next month (July). So that’s something else to look out for.

Pabrai fresh & naturelle is from Kolkata, so it is a given that Nolen Gur is the top-selling flavour in this very under-the-radar store. The ice-creams are transported from Kolkata. Their other top-seller is Paan and whether you are a fan or not, there’s no doubt that it is done very well here: all the flavour but none of the penetrating fragrance. Oh Calcutta is another restaurant which does Nolen Gurer Ice Cream. And no. It’s not from Pabrai.

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