EazyDiner IndusInd Bank
Credit Card
Treat yourself with the finest culinary, extravagant lifestyle and much more with EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card.
1-Year EazyDiner Prime
membership worth ₹2495
Enjoy GUARANTEED 25% - 50% OFF at over 2000+ premium bars and restaurants.
EXTRA instant ₹1000 OFF
every time
Avail EXTRA 25% OFF up to ₹1000 every time you eat out & pay on the app via PayEazy. (includes dining and take-away)
Premium Alcoholic
Every diner gets a complimentary premium alcoholic beverage at over 200 select restaurants. Pair your favourite nibbles with exotic tipples.
Stay Voucher worth ₹5000
at The Postcard Hotel
Anytime check-in and check-out.
Anytime breakfast, freshly prepared on order.
Authentic regional cuisine.
Transformative local experiences.
Earn Reward points
Get 3X Reward points using your EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card.
Earn 10 Reward Points on every ₹100 spent on dining, shopping and entertainment.
Earn 4 Reward Points on all other spends (except fuel).
Pay with Reward points
Instant redemption of reward points against restaurant bill for extra discount.
Redeem Reward points for FREE hotel stays, FREE meals & exclusive restaurant events across the country.
Now travel in style with two complimentary domestic visits a quarter at airport lounges in India. Take a moment to relax in luxury and enjoy the gourmet meal, comfortable seats, free Wi-Fi and widescreen TVs.
Get two complimentary movie tickets worth ₹200 each, every month on bookmyshow.com
Enjoy Fuel Surcharge Waiver on fuel transactions between ₹400 - ₹4000.
Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • EazyDiner Prime membership available under the cobrand card cannot be refunded or claimed in cash.
  • The EazyDiner Prime membership discount deal can be clearly identified on the restaurant screen. All restaurants with Prime deals will have a minimum of 25% discount as specified in the deal. This is a restaurant discount and will be applied by the restaurant on your applicable bill amount. Please check your dining bill for the same when you receive the bill from the restaurant.
  • The exclusive EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card offers an Extra Instant 25% discount up to Rs. 1000 on all PayEazy enabled restaurants and can be availed unlimited times. The PayEazy enabled restaurants can also be identified through the PayEazy tag next to the restaurant name.
  • The discount is applicable only if the payment is made using PayEazy on the EazyDiner app through EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card. This discount will be automatically applied on the app payment screen.
  • The exclusive EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card offer of Extra Instant 25% up to Rs. 1000 is not applicable if the bill is paid directly at the restaurant and not on the EazyDiner app. To avail the Extra 25% discount upto Rs. 1000, the bill has to be paid on the EazyDiner app.
  • Not all restaurants bookable on EazyDiner will have Prime deals or are available for payments on PayEazy. 25% of Prime discounts are not available at non-Prime restaurants and similarly 25% upto Rs. 1000 OFF is not available at non-PayEazy restaurants. All restaurants are tagged accordingly as Prime, PayEazy or both on the EazyDiner App.
  • Prime Membership would be applicable only on select restaurants, similarly payments using PayEazy can also be made at select restaurants only. 25% guaranteed discount would be applicable at Prime enabled restaurants. Extra 25% off up to INR 1000 would be applicable on PayEazy enabled restaurants.
  • All 1+1 deals as part of the Prime Membership are valid when a minimum of 2 guests are dining. Example - In case of 3 guests, 2 guests will be charged, and 1 guest will eat for free; in case of 5 guests, 3 guests will be charged, and 2 guests will eat for free.
  • Complimentary Alcoholic Beverage for each diner at the table can be availed at select restaurants only; the list of these restaurants is visible on the EazyDiner App. These restaurants can also be identified through the deal text on the restaurant listing page on the app which will state “Free alcoholic beverage”.
  • The brand and serving quantity of the complimentary alcoholic beverage at select restaurants will be at the discretion of the restaurant and can change without any prior information.
  • The restaurants and the offers are dynamic as we constantly improve the product, hence the offers at restaurants may change without any prior notice.
  • The restaurants will be communicated about the booking details along with applicable deal. Please inform the restaurant about your reservation through EazyDiner upon your arrival and show the booking message along with deal to have a hassle-free experience.
  • EazyDiner or IndusInd Bank shall not be liable for the experience at the partner restaurant as we only assist in fulfilling the reservations with the special offers.
  • EazyDiner or IndusInd Bank shall not be liable if any restaurant is temporarily or permanently shut. In case there are any concerns, please call the EazyDiner IndusInd Bank credit card VIP concierge line at +91 786 100 4445.
  • EazyDiner or IndusInd Bank shall not be liable in an extreme case of unavailability of 'confirmed table booking' for any reason whatsoever. The EazyDiner IndusInd Bank credit card concierge team will make its best efforts to resolve such situations by providing a table at a similar restaurant nearby. Please reach out to the EazyDiner IndusInd Bank credit card concierge team at +91 786 100 4445.
  • The team at EazyDiner will make its best efforts to resolve an extreme situation if the restaurant denies the promised discount or refuses to accept the payment on the app. In case such an event occurs, please report it immediately during the dining time to the EazyDiner IndusInd bank credit card concierge at +91 786 100 4445. EazyDiner will not be responsible for cases reported post the dining time.
  • If during the transaction, the card is charged, money is debited and the payment remains unsuccessful, the deducted amount will be refunded within 5 working days.
  • EazyDiner or IndusInd Bank will not be responsible to reimburse the discount amount in case the payment is made in full without selecting the discount coupon code or made at the restaurant using the edc (credit card machine)/netbanking.
  • Splitting of payments is not allowed. Only a single transaction equivalent to the total bill amount will be accepted through PayEazy.
  • PayEazy option will be activated at the time of your reservation and will be active for the next 5 hours. E.g: If the booking is made for 6:00pm, the PayEazy option will be active from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm.
  • Reward Points earned on the EazyDiner IndusInd credit card spends can be redeemed at the time of payment via PayEazy - Pay with Reward points.
  • The reward points and Reward points can only be redeemed on the EazyDiner app and not via any offline medium.
  • Other redemption requests are available in the redemption catalog on the EazyDiner app.
  • Redemption once claimed, cannot be canceled and points will not be reversed.
  • —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • The Postcard Hotel
  • The offer voucher is subject to availability of rooms.
  • The offer is applicable for stays booked directly either through the website, www.postcardresorts.com or through the reservations’ concierge +91 79995 55222.
  • The offer cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • The offer voucher is not valid for bookings through online or offline travel agencies.
  • The cardmember has to handover the voucher in original at the time of arrival in the hotel.
  • The voucher can only be used when the balance payment is made using the EazyDiner IndusInd Bank credit card.
  • —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Visa Lounge Access Program
  • The Program is available till 31st Dec 2022.
  • Eligible Cardholders will be allowed access to all Participating Airport Lounges under the Program, based on one of the following entry types:
  • Entry Type 1: Free entry for Eligible Cardholder only, (subject to a nominal swipe fee of Rs. 2). All Eligible Cards must be validated at point of entry by swiping a transaction of a nominal value of Rs. 2. Further, a limit of two (2) free Participating Airport Lounges access per calendar quarter per Eligible Visa Signature Card for Entry Type 1. Other access restrictions apply, as mentioned below.
  • Entry Type 2: Paid entry for the Eligible Cardholder according to the respective prices of usage displayed at the Participating Airport Lounges, for himself/herself only or for his/her accompanying guests (payment will be made directly at the Participating Airport Lounge by the Eligible Cardholder).
  • Please note to use the Participating Airport Lounge, customer’s Card must be validated at point of entry by swiping a transaction of a nominal Rs. 2. The customer will be denied the free entry if the Card is not approved by Issuer Bank upon this swipe.
  • All accompanying children (where permitted) will be subject to the full guest fee unless otherwise stated.
  • All Participating Airport Lounges are not owned or operated by Visa, but by third party organizations. Eligible Cardholders and relevant accompanying guests must abide by the rules and policies of each respective Participating Airport Lounge, which include, without limitation:
  • Access being denied to the lounge where there are space constraints or If the maximum capacity for Visa cardholders or an Eligible Card type or an Eligible Card type issued by a particular Issuer Bank has been reached at the relevant Participating Airport Lounge.
  • Admittance subject to users and their guests (including children) behaving and dressing (no shorts allowed outside of the USA) in an orderly and correct manner.
  • Any infants or children causing upset to other users' comfort may be asked to vacate the lounge facilities.
  • F&B Privileges :
  • Choice of hot and cold snacks from buffet
  • Tea / coffee
  • Unlimited non-alcoholic drinks
  • Other Privileges
  • Others privileges available are:
  • Luxurious seating area
  • washrooms
  • LCD TV
  • Newspaper / magazines
  • Free Wi-Fi available at select locations. (Cardholder needs to check at the reception desk)
  • Fax, Shower, Internet and Wi-Fi charges (where applicable) are at the discretion of each lounge operator and the cardholder is responsible for paying these direct to the lounge staff.
  • Please note that additional charge may occur for meal/food/drink items not mentioned in the F&B privileges above as well as for services like Nap, Massage Service and Spa.
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Get two free Movie Ticket of Rs.200 each every month on bookings made via www.bookmyshow.com :
  • How to Avail Offer:
  • Go through the regular ticketing flow for selecting the movie, cinema and show of your choice.
  • Confirm your details by providing your email address & mobile number as this information will be used for confirming your transaction.
  • Proceed to the secure payment page; enter your IndusInd Bank Credit Card number in the box, name on the card, expiry and CVV card details.
  • Please check yes, I accept terms, conditions & booking policy.
  • To avail offer, check 'Avail Discounts & Offers' at the bottom left side of the page.
  • Select 'Offers', select EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card Offer from the list, and click on the 'Apply Offer' button
  • Congratulations! You have successfully availed your offer.
  • How to Avail Offer on Mobile App:
  • Follow the regular ticketing flow by selecting the movie, cinema and show of your choice.
  • Enter your email address and mobile number, as this information will be used for confirming your transaction.
  • Select the Credit Card payment option from the available payment options list. If your card is already shown in the QuikPay screen, just select that and enter your CVV.
  • You will see the list of Credit Card offers. Select EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card Offer.
  • Enter your IndusInd Credit Card details in the box and click on the 'Apply' button. If you are using QuikPay, this will be automatically filled.
  • Congratulations! You have successfully availed your offer.
  • Terms and Conditions
  • The offer can be availed only when payments are made using a valid EazyDiner IndusInd Bank Credit Card.
  • The quota of free tickets is applicable to a Card account (which is inclusive of Add-on Cards). If either of the Primary or Add-on Cardholder have availed the offer, monthly quota of free tickets will get exhausted in the proportion of free/discounted tickets availed for the month.
  • The free ticket price is capped at Rs. 200. In case the price of ticket is more than Rs. 200, the difference amount shall be paid by the Cardholder using his IndusInd Bank Credit Card which is being used to avail the offer.
  • To avail the offer, the user has to enter a valid IndusInd Bank Credit Card number in the box provided on the Payment page and click on the 'Apply' button.
  • In case you have applied for the discount, but the transaction doesn't go through for some reason, kindly wait twenty (20) minutes before trying to avail the discount again.
  • The current purchase process at www.bookmyshow.com will remain unchanged till the stage where the eligible Card number is provided. After this stage the website will recognize the Eligible Card, reduce the bill amount and inform the transacting Eligible Cardholder accordingly.
  • This Offer is valid ONLY for users coming directly to the BookMyShow Website and not via individual cinema sites.
  • Offer is applicable on all partner cinemas in India for which tickets can be booked on www.bookmyshow.com.
  • Offer is applicable only for bookings for cinema tickets made on the BookMyShow website (www.bookmyshow.com).
  • The offer cannot be combined with any offer/discounts/promotions at the theatres available on www.bookmyshow.com.
  • Tickets are subject to availability at the cinema. In case the tickets are not available for a show on a particular day, you can try and book for a different date to avail of the free ticket under the offer.
  • Tickets once bought online, shall be considered sold and cannot be cancelled, refunded or exchanged.
  • Once the booking is committed, the confirmation mail/SMS received from BookMyShow needs to be exchanged with the ticket available at the Theatre.
  • Cardholders shall not be entitled to compensation/benefits in any form whatsoever in lieu of the offer being availed.
  • Bigtree & IndusInd Bank reserves the right to disqualify any Card Holder/s from the benefits of the Program. If case of any fraudulent activity, prosecution will be carried according to the purpose of availing the benefits under the Program.
  • Bigtree & IndusInd Bank reserves the right to modify/ change all or any of the terms applicable to the Program without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever.
  • Bigtree & IndusInd Bank also reserves the right to discontinue the Program without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever.
  • Individual Cinema rules applicable.
  • The Offer is Valid till 31st Mar 2023.
  • IndusInd Bank Credit Card Cardholders are not bound in any way to participate in this Program. Any such participation is voluntary and the same is being made purely on a 'best-effort basis'.
  • Bigtree & IndusInd Bank reserves the right at any time without prior notice to add, alter, modify, all or any of these terms and conditions or replace, wholly or in part, this Program by any other Program, whether similar to this Program or not or to withdraw it altogether.
  • In addition to the above, this offer on the website is also subject to BookMyShow's General Terms of Use. Kindly refer to BookMyShow's Terms & Conditions on the homepage.
  • The Cardholder shall be required to give personal information and card details online for the tickets purchased on www.bookmyshow.com
  • In case of any disputes, Bigtree's decision will be final.
  • Important Note
  • IndusInd Bank Credit Card users will have to buy cinema tickets through www.bookmyshow.com to avail the offer.
  • The customer will have to pay internet handling fee as levied on each ticket as applicable.
  • —---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver
  • Waiver of 1% fuel surcharge is applicable on transactions between INR 400/- to INR 4000/- only. The waiver is applicable across all petrol pumps in India
  • The waiver can be availed only when payment is made through the IndusInd Bank Credit Card.
  • IndusInd Bank reserves the right to impose a cap on the maximum value or number of fuel transactions permitted in a month. *Please note taxes levied, if any, on fuel surcharge will not be waived and will need to be borne by the Cardholders. # Please note effective 01st April 2018, fuel transactions will not accrue reward points on your IndusInd Bank Credit Card. # As advised by Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies, the 0.75% Cashback that you earn on fuel transactions on your IndusInd Bank Credit Card will be discontinued, effective October 1, 2019.

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