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Top 10 Breakfast Sandwiches in Kolkata

From Meats to Veggies and Spreads

22 Jul, 2016 by Priyadarshini Chatterjee

From Meats to Veggies and Spreads

There are people and there are sandwich fanatics – those who believe there is nothing more comforting than juicy meat, crunchy vegetables and some good cheese between soft, crusty, generously buttered bread. And the fact is, there is no better (happier) way than to start a day with a delicious, generously loaded, sandwich. Here are 10 of our favourite breakfast sandwiches that you must try when in Kolkata, for an epic breakfast

Open Sandwich, Flurys – You might be tempted to try their heritage tea sandwiches, but take a tip and go for the Flurys Original open Swiss sandwich topped with a truck-load of shredded chicken, ham, tomato, grilled bell peppers and gooey cheese. And, there is a fried egg too, with a gorgeous runny yolk. Order for some onion rings, on the side.

Monte Cristo, The Bakery – At The Bakery, Lalit Great Eastern, the choices are many and each one as tempting as the other. But for something different, try their heritage Monte Cristo which is absolutely divine – a generous filling of chicken and Gruyere (or Ementhal) between soft and buttery French toasts. It is a classic.

Eggs Benedict, Edesia – Eggs Benedict is not a sandwich in the strict sense of the term but think about it, it is an open sandwich after all. And at Edesia, on Hungerford Street, it is their stand out dish. Fresh and chewy English muffin topped with a perfectly poached egg, meaty Canadian bacon and a generous splash of Hollandaise sauce, (you can always ask for an extra muffin to top it up).

The Hub Club Sandwich, The Hub – This is one club sandwich you cannot miss. The club sandwich at The Hub, Taj Bengal’s round-the-clock-coffee shop, comes loaded with chicken, ham, fried egg and loads of cheese, and you can choose your bread too. The choices are white, whole wheat, bran or multigrain.  You would not be hungry for a long time.

Grilled Chicken and Cheddar Sandwich, Mrs Magpie – The roast mutton sandwich at Mrs Magpie, a pretty coffee shop near Southern Avenue, is quite good, but if it is for breakfast, we prefer the grilled chicken and cheddar sandwich. The chicken escallops are tender and creamy, the melted cheddar spills out and you can top it up with some bacon if you like. Order a cup of hot chocolate on the side; it is the best in town.

Tramezzini, The Bridge, The Park Hotel - The Bridge’s version of the Tramezzini is a far cry from the eponymous dainty Venetian tea sandwiches. This one is a full blown club sandwich loaded with roasted chicken salad, smoked bacon, eggs and cheese – works any time of the day or night, especially for breakfast.

Meat lover’s sandwich, Wise Owl – The sandwiches at this quaint café on Purnadas Road, are simple, a little old-school, perhaps the reason why they are such favourites. The grilled Meatlover’s sandwich with layers of ham, minced chicken, mayonnaise and fried egg between layers of white bread is fantastic. It comes with a mound of potato wafers and a dip.

Grant’s Sandwich, 8th Day Bakery – This list would be incomplete without a bagel sandwich and the 8th Day Bakery and Cafe near Park Circus, has just the one. The Grant sandwich named after the owner, a professional body builder, has a crusty, chewy bagel filled with eggs, roasted chicken, cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, slices of cucumber, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce.  You can pick your choice of Bagel – plain, whole wheat or topped with sesame, poppy seeds, caramelised onions and garlic.

Mediterranean Sandwich, Afra Deli – If there is got to be a vegetarian sandwich on this list, let it be this one from Afra Deli in Salt Lake – a sandwich filled with Balsamic vinegar laced grilled vegetables, pesto and lots of cheese, perfectly grilled.

Abar Baithak Crab Sandwich – This one is for hard core seafood lovers who can gorge on those prawns and crabs any time of the day. Abar Baithak is a popular South Kolkata café, in Jodhpur Park, and opens as early as 9 in the morning. The crab meat sandwich – buttery crab meat with a bit of mayonnaise – is one of their specialties. Try it.

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