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4 Best Pan Asian Sunday Brunches in Kolkata
4 Best Pan Asian Sunday Brunches in Kolkata | EazyDiner Food Trends

4 Best Pan Asian Sunday Brunches in Kolkata

5 star or stand alone, these restaurants serve the best Pan Asian delicacies in their Sunday Brunch

28 Nov, 2018 by Madhushree Basu Roy

5 star or stand alone, these restaurants serve the best Pan Asian delicacies in their Sunday Brunch

A Sunday brunch is always exciting. Taking your time through a maze of food spread in front of you, slowly enjoying your beverage and food over a long period of time while merry making with your company, is what a brunch is all about. In a city like Kolkata, it was always the 5-star hotels which laid out Sunday brunches. However, in recent times, standalone restaurants are also taking the leap of laying out Sunday brunches and in most cases, they are always a hit. When we talk about a Sunday brunch, we usually mean a buffet starting with cold cuts, bread and salads, leading to appetizers, main course and then desserts and the cuisine is usually Global. And then there are a few handpicked places in the city, which lay out the splendor of Pan Asian brunches. Here are the best Pan Asian Sunday brunches in Kolkata and in no particular order of preference.

Vintage Asia, JW Marriott

This Pan Asian restaurant is a class apart. It has set new standards to Pan Asian dining experience in the city. With the new expat chef at the helm of affairs, the brunch here presents all their signature dishes on the menu. It is not a laid out brunch but pan to plate. It is a set menu brunch but the amount of food that they give is bound to knock your socks off.

Star Anise Chichen Ball Soup

Aromatic soups, spunky appetizers, which also include some masterfully executed dimsums, start the show. The soups here have a great depth of flavour and even though you do not want to fill yourself up with watery substance, you end up polishing the soup off the bowl. The food is more of Chinese and Thai delicacies.

Sichuan Pepper Corn Fried Chicken

Sichuan Pepper Corn Fried Chicken, Chong Qin Style Hot Pot Chicken, Mushrooms and other Exotic Vegetables in a Spicy Paste, Burnt Garlic Spring Onion Fried Rice and many more from China finds its way into the set menu brunch. By the time your reach for the desserts, where there is the Classic Tub Tim Krob of candied water chestnuts in cold coconut cream, you are more than satiated. 

Brunch Cost: INR 1699 AI with soft beverage | INR 1999 AI with select alcohol and sparkling wine | INR 2999 AI for Champagne brunch

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The Fatty Bao, Kolkata

Location: Fort Knox, Camac Street 

This standalone national brand has brought in contemporary Pan Asian cooking to the forefront. At a very catchy price point, they present a fabulous Sunday brunch consisting of 42 dishes in all.

Sushi and Sashimi Live Counters

Other than the sushi, everything else comes on order to the table from the menu. You get to pick and choose whatever you want from the menu, with no restriction on the quantity and it is served at the table. The appetizers are so much and so good that one ends up not being able to try the main course, which is equally attractive. Sambal Marinated Grilled Fish, Prawn and Garlic Chive Dimsum, Coconut Prawn in Spicy Curry Mayo, Chili Crab and Prawn Bao are some of the top draws from the small plates. The main course sees a lining of curries from South East Asian region and a couple of Chinese sauces with a choice of proteins or vegetables. These are coupled with a variety of noodles and rice

Brunch Cost: INR1400 plus tax for food only | INR 2200 plus tax for food and alcohol | INR 2600 plus tax for food with premium spirits | INR 700 plus tax for kids under 10 years

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Pan Asian, ITC Sonar

It is said that if you have not treated yourself at the Pan Asian Sunday brunch, then you have missed something. It is an experience par excellence. Right from the moment you step in, you are taken aback by the expanse of this very contemporary restaurant and the way the food is laid out in various places, covering the entire space.

Peking Duck

The Peking Duck catches your eye and it is served in soft baos with a choice of sauces and crunchy elements.

Dim sums

From beautifully rolled sushis in boats to delicate dimsums and an array of other appetizers, Pan Asian brunch takes you through a culinary journey of the entire region and the best part is that it is difficult to point out, which cuisine is better here. The curries from South East Asia or the Yakitoris and the teppanyaki from Japan or the Chinese stir-fries; every dish is splendid. The band of men playing the saxophone and other instruments is quite captivating alongside.

Brunch Cost: INR 2600 plus tax with unlimited soft beverage. Additional INR 899 for unlimited premium spirits and additional INR 1499 per person for unlimited super premium spirits

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Pa Pa Ya, Kolkata

Location: Level 11, Magma House, Park Street

The only restaurant in the city to provide a panoramic 360-degree view of Central Kolkata, this place is swanky in every bit of it, be it the food or the ambience. The Sunday Brunch is a spectacular extravaganza with some delicious food presented in a unique modern style and with complex flavours. Before you think that it is going to be all about non-vegetarian food, their vegetarian selection is extremely impressive. Asparagus and Cream Cheese Sushi, Spicy Shitake Sushi amongst the many are pure heavens. Interesting dim sums, the Asian take on Tacos and a whole lot of other appetizers, some of which use molecular gastronomy is a good beginning to a stunning meal. All kinds of proteins find their way into the main course with Noodles and Rice in various flavours to end with the signature Chocolate Ball of Fire.

Brunch Cost: INR1600 plus taxes per person

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