Food Trends 5 Must-Visit Restaurants To Binge On The Best Biryani In Bengaluru
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5 Must-Visit Restaurants To Binge On The Best Biryani In Bengaluru
5 Must-Visit Restaurants To Binge On The Best Biryani In Bengaluru | EazyDiner Food Trends

5 Must-Visit Restaurants To Binge On The Best Biryani In Bengaluru

Best Biryani restaurants in Bengaluru

12 Jul, 2018 by Kruthika Dixit Kandpal

Best Biryani restaurants in Bengaluru

Biryani is bae, and half of the Country’s population would love to agree on this. One mention of the word ‘Biryani’ and foodies get a craving that’s difficult to resist. Biryani is undoubtedly one of the highlights of Indian cuisine. Regardless of whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, you will be amazed at how something as simple as a mixed rice dish can prove to be so delicious. If you are up for it, then Bengaluru is a great place with several options to try out different flavours of biryanis. Their biryani variety and quantity will not only suffice your stomach’s need but also the typical flavours will leave you mesmerized.

Here is the list of biryani places that you can’t miss.

Paradise Biryani is one of those places for typical Hyderabadi biryani. The flavours of the biryani served at this place are easily capable of reminding one of the original biryani served in Hyderabad. There is the famous ‘Hyderabadi Dum Biryani’ which is a hot favourite on the menu and recommended for a weekend lunch. Along with its Hyderabadi style dum biryani, Paradise is a must visit for its amazing ambience. It has outlets in Frazer Town, J P Nagar, New BEL Road, Koramangala and Indiranagar in Bangalore.

Meghana Foods

They serve 10-11 variants of Biryanis ranging from fish to prawns. Meghana foods brings you a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian biryani. The ‘Chicken Boneless Biryani’ beats all and is a must try. This restaurant is known for its spicy and aromatic Andhra style biryani. Choose the ‘Mutton Biryani’ for a delish meal.  Finding a place to dine-in is an everyday challenge here. Currently, it has five outlets in the city- Koramangala, Marathahalli, Jayanagar, Residency Road and Indiranagar.


Nagarjuna opened its doors to hungry customers at Residency Road in 1984 and since then they’re serving authentic Andhra style Biryani and is a must try for all. Their ‘Chicken Biryani’ is an all-time favourite of its customers. The mounds of fragrant rice that’s studded with tender chunks of meat and glistening chillies that add a fair bit of punch to your meal. This place is well-known for the spices and Andhra delicacies. Now, they have outlets in Koramangala, Residency Road, Indiranagar, Bannerghatta Road and Jayanagar.

Hyderabad Biryani House

This outlet on Victoria Road is another favourite amongst biryani fans. You must-try the Hyderabadi Mutton and Chicken Biryanis, which definitely have the same exotic flavours and taste of the biryani served in Hyderabad. They have special biryanis, do ask your server for recommendations. The place is always crowded, hence prior reservation is a must. This restaurant chain has been around for a decade or so and has six outlets across the city.

Ammi’s Biryani
Founded in 2008, Ammi's Biryani has been ensuring to satisfy a varied palate with their extensive menu. The biryani at Ammi's Biryani is prepared with the rich tradition of royal cooking that retains the flavours and aroma of the food, to dish out only the finest meal to the consumer. They have 14 types of biryani, which include vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. Do not miss the ‘Gosht Shaadi Biryani’ and ‘Gosht Hyderabadi Biryani’.

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