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6 Best Coffee Joints To Find In Dubai
6 Best Coffee Joints To Find In Dubai | EazyDiner Food Trends

6 Best Coffee Joints To Find In Dubai

Is It The Caffeine Kick You Have Been Looking For?

22 Jan, 2017 by Ruchi Kamble

Is It The Caffeine Kick You Have Been Looking For?

Coffee lovers cannot live without coffee. It is a brewed drink prepared with roasted coffee beans. In many parts of the world, the coffee plantation is carried out and every part has its own speciality. Coffee does not only smell amazing and give you instant energy but also has many health benefits and some nutritional factors, too. A cup of coffee in the morning is the best boost, which fills you with energy. But, if you are looking for some nice coffee shops in Dubai to spend some good time over chitchat, here is a list that includes speciality and healthy coffee joints – 

Kaffa Beans  

This coffee shop serves speciality coffee from different regions of the world. They roast, grind and make special coffee in-house. The funky and cool staff seems very enthusiastic while talking about their coffee. They also give a demonstration to show how the coffee is made. Do not miss asking them about it. The food is delicious as well.

Common Grounds 

Tucked in the Mall of Emirates, where after shopping you can just unwind with a cup of coffee. The contemporary interiors have a very comfortable feeling. The blends are simple yet very refreshing and perfectly mixed. They serve amazing breakfast options and the dessert counter is tempting, too. 

Icons Coffee Couture  

This stylish and new coffee joint has become the talk of the town as they serve organic coffee. Nowadays, the term ‘healthy’ is taken very seriously and Icons is with you to maintain this term. They serve sugar-free coffee. The process is healthy and yet there is no change in the taste. You can also try the most expensive coffee called kopi luwak if you want to impress someone.


The team works hard to keep its customers happy, and not only the food and milkshakes but the coffee they serve is also the USP of the in-house roaster that has more than 20 different varieties of house blended coffees. But, the cold brew coffee served in a generous quantity is not to be missed.  

The Surf Café  

This cute and funky café will impress you with really good options, especially for breakfast. They are known for the surfers’ breakfast and a lot more, but how can you enjoy breakfast without a cup of coffee? Their USP is speciality coffee such as Chemex and Syphon at very reasonable prices. You cannot miss the in-house cold brewed coffee they serve.  

Attibassi Coffee 

Located at various locations in Dubai, Attibasi is known for its simple yet very well brewed coffees. The experts know the latte art and showcase it with a lot of dedication. Do not forget the espresso, Turkish coffee and Attibassi speciality drinks such as Hazelnut Bliss Latte. The interiors are done very well making it a perfect place to catch up with friends and loved ones over a cup of coffee.

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