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6 Places Serving The Best Shakes In Dubai
6 Places Serving The Best Shakes In Dubai | EazyDiner Food Trends

6 Places Serving The Best Shakes In Dubai

Shake Up Your Day With These Loaded Milk Shakes

26 Dec, 2016 by Ruchi Kamble

Shake Up Your Day With These Loaded Milk Shakes

Freak shakes are taking over the town with so many places serving them. The word ‘freak’ always does not mean to scare, especially not in this context. What makes the freak shake freaky is the addition of heavy ice cream, loaded with brownie, candies, waffles, chocolate syrup and much more – a jar with delectable flavours stirred together and presented beautifully. Freak shakes not only look good but also they are filling as well. So, which are the best places to get them? Here is a list of cities favourite spots to get freak shakes – 

Fume – This eatery is all about their breakfast and monster shakes. The ambience is more on the rustic and contemporary side but the food concept is very international. Monster shakes are the highlight on the menu, shakes such as the funky cheesecake shake jar, which is topped with strawberry cheesecake and finished with chocolate and biscuit. The shake is creamy and thick.

Eat Greek Kouzina – There is no connection between Greek cuisine and milk shakes, but this eatery is surely known for its Nutella Spartan shake, apart from the delectable food they serve. Off course you cannot miss their Greek salad. Nutella Spartan is a Nutella milkshake jar topped with crazy Nutella filled donuts. The shake is heavy but a must-try on the menu.

Ice Lab – This place has taken over the city with their F3 drinks and back to basic shakes. Nothing much fancy to talk about but all you will find here is that the shakes are served in large empty Nutella bottles. The quantity is huge and the best part is the selection of shakes they have is also great. Do not miss the lotus milkshake; it is to die for.

Boombalambuz Café – This new place is already becoming every ones favourite because of the crazy presentations of the freak shakes that they have. Nutella and pretzel is the best known shake. Not only does it look appealing and well crafted, it tastes amazing too. The perfect amount of Nutella and pretzel, gives it that salty hint in between and makes it very filling and heavenly.

The Sum Of Us – The ever changing shake menu will never fail to impress you. The ambience here is charming, classy and very contemporary, the breakfast options are not to be missed. The food itself is very fresh and they serve some delectable options to go for. From the caramel milkshake to date milkshake, you will find a great variety to indulge in. 

La Pulpe – Healthy joints can have a cheat menu too. Le Pulpe is surely a hidden gem located in the lanes of Oud Metha. They serve only 3 varieties of freak shakes and all of them are super yummy. The raspberry freak shake looks crazy with two scoops of ice cream, waffles, cream, biscuit and what not. The Nutella freak shake tastes amazing too. 

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