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Bakeries Are Not Just About Cakes!
Bakeries Are Not Just About Cakes! | EazyDiner Food Trends

Bakeries Are Not Just About Cakes!

Treat yourself with best Boulangerie goodies in Delhi

27 Apr, 2015 by Neeru Singh

Treat yourself with best Boulangerie goodies in Delhi


Images of cakes covered in ganache, pastries with fruits and desserts garnished with colourful compote would pop up in my head ever since I discovered bakeries.

That was until I enrolled myself in a baking school. I would spend minutes building my muscles while kneading the dough and the oven’s heat didn’t help either. The romance was blurred.

That was when I discovered the daunting scale at which the work takes place in a bakery kitchen. Very few realise that it’s not just desserts but even the lavash, pita or the grissinis that they eat at restaurants are produced in bakeries. As are flaky puffs, the delicious pie crust, buttery croissants or danishes and freshly-baked breads.

Here is the list of bakeries that offer a wide variety of lip-smacking savoury and boulangerie products in Delhi that you must try.


The oldest and the busiest bakery in the heart of the city, Connaught place, Wenger's serves the best chicken baguette, mushroom puff, multigrain bread, butter cookies and croissant sandwiches. Their bread production happens in three shifts and their sandwiches are produced in batches after every three hours, proof of the popularity of their boulangerie section.

La BaguetteThe Imperial

This regal bakery is known to serve the choicest European baked goodies in town. Perhaps the best place to have the French baguette with hard crunch on the outside and soft bread inside. Their sourdough bread, Italian ciabatta and focaccia are so revered that they also have a trendy concept of “a bread of the month”.

Daily TreatsThe Westin, Gurgaon

Treat yourself with a buttery, warm and fresh croissant from the Daily Treats. Available in multigrain option, their croissants are hollow and give enough space for a filling inside. I believe that the best way to have it is plain with a cup of coffee.


We know that L’opera pioneered in introducing macarons to Delhiites. They also serve not just one but four types of baguette along with brioche, quiche and the evergreen palmier.

Oberoi Patisserie and Delicatessen, New Delhi

Relish the best cookies in the city at Oberoi Patisserie and Delicatessen. The recipe for the signature soft-centred chocolate fudge cookies with gigantic chips of Calibu chocolates was invented here. Their oatmeal and honey cookies, peanut butter cookies are also world renowned. The legendary bakery has been producing exotic bakery dishes for years now.

I’ve observed that Mumbaikars think of their local bakeries whenever people mention bread. It’s time for Delhiites to finally recognise the existence of great bakeries here too.

So even if you don’t have a sweet tooth  you can dig into the range of savoury items that local boulangeries offer.

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