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Best Food Pairings With Rosé Wine

Wine flies when you’re having fun!

10 Jan, 2022 by Vansh Khullar

Wine flies when you’re having fun!

Rosé is known for being surprisingly food-friendly, because it pairs well with almost anything. The fruity-sweet flavors in Rosé make the flavors in spicy food pop, Rosé’s lightness pairs well with sushi and salads, and the list goes on. The right balance of strength and acidity in your meal and drink is vital for them to either contrast or complement each other to further deliver an elating experience. Here’s a guide to the Fifty Shades of Rosé.

Hummus And Flatbread

Smooth, creamy hummus pairs up so well with a medium-bodied dry Rosé, perfect for a sip, sip, hooray time! The high acidity from crisp Rosé, helps soften the sharpness of the herbs and spices in hummus, without masking them, making this a balanced and complementary combination.

Chicken Tikka

A medium-bodied Rosé on the sweeter side when paired with juicy and spicy Chicken Tikka, highlights the earthy goodness of this chargrilled beauty and ensures a flavorful party in your mouth. A bold and jammy Zinfandel Sauvignon works in harmony with the smoky and savory Chicken Tikka and is a combination you must try!

Mexican Salad With Couscous

A Rosé like Mourvèdre pairs up really well with couscous-based dishes. Such a fruity and floral Rosé matches beautifully with the sweetness of semolina and other veggies in the salad. The fresh and sweet flavors of the salad combined with bright and crisp Rosé is a match made in heaven, highlighting both of their flavors to the fullest, experience ‘La vie en rosé’.


Yes way, Rosé! A hot, crisp and spicy Quesadilla, loaded with gooey cheese, juicy veggies and succulent meats pairs perfectly with a zesty Grenache Rosé. This is because the burst of fruity flavors in the wine complement the aromatic spices and nightshades in the Quesadilla and rinse the palate fresh for a flavorful bite.

Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Shawarmas are a Middle Eastern dish made of thin-sliced, well-seasoned, slow-cooked meat and flavorful veggies wrapped in flatbread. This dynamite of a creation pairs phenomenally with a dry Rosé like Grenache, with brighter and crispier tasting notes. This is because, dry sparkling wine is crisp and acidic, it cuts through the rich and creamy garlic sauce in the Shawarma and tends to make your whole experience better.

Fruit Tart

Buttery and crisp, these fruity tarts pair phenomenally with a clean and sweet Rosé like a Pink Moscato. This sweet Rosé complements the fruit acidity and balance the cream and pastry for an extraordinary experience. 

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