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Delhi NCR's Top 5 Instagram-Worthy Cafés
Delhi NCR's Top 5 Instagram-Worthy Cafés | EazyDiner Food Trends

Delhi NCR's Top 5 Instagram-Worthy Cafés

Delhi’s Top 5 Cafés To Brighten Up Your Instagram Feed

23 May, 2017 by Rivanjali Mithal

Delhi’s Top 5 Cafés To Brighten Up Your Instagram Feed

With all the overtime hours, early morning metros and never ending pile of work, life seems tough but we can always take a break from the dreary routine by changing the environment around us. The same desk and white walls can sometimes be quite mundane, and so in times like this I choose to head out and explore the pretty cafes this city has to offer. Here is a list of a few cafes that are a delight to your sight (of course, belly too) and will surely light up your Instagram profile.


Diggin, Anand Lok

Ever visualised a two storey brick finished cafe lit with a zillion fairy lights and lamps? If yes, then you might imagine it somewhere on a hilltop, but this café, however, is right here in the heart of Delhi. Decorated with planters and lamps suspended from the branches of a tree that gives shade to the outdoor seating is a delight to the eyes. This café is a must visit if you like everything pretty, dreamy and romantic. The best time to visit Diggin is in the evening, once it gets dark.

Must Order – Chocolate Belgium Shake, Spaghetti Carbonara, Red Velvet Cake

Rose Café, Saket

It might take a while to locate this one as this beautiful café is hidden in the lanes of Saidulajab (next to the Saket metro station) but the struggle is worth it. Rose Café has an old-world charm to it with its floral décor, pastel coloured walls and a well-lit indoor and outdoor seating. Delicate yet rustic is how I would best describe this gem. Though the outer look of the café is quite low-key, but as you enter, it is dainty and takes you away from all the hustle of this big city. The outdoor garden space is lovely on a winter evening with brick walls in pastel shades and the garden umbrellas lit with fairy lights.

Must Order – Sangria, Bacon Wrapped Four Cheese Stuffed Chicken, Waffles. They have an interesting vegan menu too.


The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe, Shahpur Jat

Traditional Bihari cuisine in a fun quirky ambience is what Potbelly has to offer. The ambience and the food makes the steep four-floor trek worth it, plus it makes you build an appetite for the hearty Bihari food! It is a closed rooftop with a view overlooking Shahpur Jat. The café is done up in vibrant colours mainly blue, yellow and green which makes the ambience seem fresh and inviting. They also have a balcony seating option that is beautifully done with several planters and is lit with fairy lights in the evening

Must Order – Pakora Basket, Litti Chicken and Apple Cinnamon Iced Tea


Sakley's The Mountain Cafe, Greater Kailash (GK) 1

Drawing inspiration from Sakley's The Mountain Café in Nainital, this one in the GK-1 market will teleport you to the hills. Its wooden décor, stone walls, an old cottage vibe and the vintage Edison bulbs suspended from the ceiling will make you stay longer than you wished. The glazed windows let you peep into the winding lanes of the market while you enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. They have a well-lit outdoor seating space with several planters giving a feel of the hills in the city.

Must Order - BBQ Mushroom Slider, Sangria, Hot Chicken Wings and Rainy Hill Red Velvet Cupcake


The Pasta Bowl Company, Cross Point Mall Gurgaon

For all those wanting to visit Italy for its food culture and pretty cafes, you can now spend some time at The Pasta Bowl Company and please your sight. This small restaurant has subtle wooden décor that is complimented with vintage chandeliers and creepers adorning the stone finished walls. The live interactive kitchen just helps spice up the experience. The restaurant is perfect for a first date or to make your Instagram followers jealous.

Must Order – Spaghetti aglio Olio Peproncino, Caesar Salad and Tiramisu