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Dubai's Top 6 Theme Restaurants

Explore The Fantastic World Of Theme Restaurants

15 Mar, 2017 by Editorial Team

Explore The Fantastic World Of Theme Restaurants

Dubai is a city that loves to eat; a global destination for people to explore different opportunities in terms of career and ultimately, diverse cuisines. With a new eatery springing up every now and then, the consumer is definitely spoilt for choice. A melting pot of a varied ethos of culture; it offers diversity even in the experience of dining. Let us look at some of the most eclectic and unique eateries in Dubai with themes that will blow your mind away! 

Café Rider

A Ducati ride with your cappuccino?

Motorbikes and classic coffee mixes may not be a conventionally accepted grouping for a café but has worked quite well in this part of Dubai. It is one of the quirkiest cafés in Dubai where the diners can see the latest two-wheeler wonders being custom-built by experienced mechanical engineers. Imagine the delight of a biker sipping his favourite coffee and getting the opportunity to see his dream machine getting revamped. They specialise in Organic Beverage and food varieties and have some fantastic international all-day breakfast options. 

One Café By Life n' One

Karmic vibes

This villa turned lifestyle centre came into existence not-so-long ago and is slowly turning into one of the most sort after joints for the backpackers. It lies in the middle of Jumeirah and is a splendid retreat that offers meditation and yoga classes, holistic lifestyle therapies, pilate sessions and more. They have food offers that are dairy-free, gluten-free and sugar-free. The interiors are as simple with a vast open space to connect with nature. So when you book a holistic session with them, you can order your favourite Raw Vegan Platter along with the freshest of juices and fair-trade coffee or tea options.


Literally on ‘Top of the World’

A restaurant that is worth splurging in with its bewildering grandeur. It is the highest restaurant in the world and located on the 123rd floor of Burj Khalifa. Having said that, the view from the top is unmatchable! Everything looks minuscule and distant and makes you feel rather special. Right from the main dining area, to the bar and the restrooms, the place is made of glass to lend diners the spectacular views. Diners must enjoy the ‘high tea’ that is offered in the restaurant lounge between 12 noon to 6:30 pm every day. Your glasses are sure not to miss a single drop of the ‘Luc Belaire Rose’ that is generously poured each time it touches the finishing line!

Aprons & Hammers

Get your hands dirty here!

A very interesting crab-shack designed inside a restored dhow, which is a small Arabian ship. The antique finish to the fine wooden structure is something that is not seen in the present days. The bizarre yet unique concept of dining here includes ‘buckets’ that are full of fresh crabs and lobsters cooked just right. Guests are given hammers to break the shell, aprons for the mess and pincers, yes pincers to cut open their food and dig in! The diners are also provided gloves to keep clean of the mess. A kilo of mussels are filled inside a bucket with generous amount of garlic, lemon wedges and chilli olive oil on it in one of their famous dishes. 

BBQ Donut

‘Sail away with me honey’

One of the most novel restaurant ideas, this place involves a small doughnut shaped dinghy with a barbeque post placed right in the middle of it. A box of uncooked and semi cooked meats, seafood and vegetables is given to the diners as they are set sailing around the creek. The guest can enjoy grilling their favourite food in the barbeque and can take turns to steer the dinghy as well. The time frame given is usually two hours with a maximum of six guests that can sail along. The best combination of food includes packages like the ‘meditArabian Delights’ and ‘Creekside Indulgence.'


Deep blue sea

This is a strikingly luxurious restaurant with a sizable aquarium running across the whole place. The guests obviously have the brilliant opportunity to lay eyes on all the fantastic sea creatures while divulging in some delicious seafood. The restaurant gives breath-taking views of the Ambassador Lagoon right in front of the tables. The swirling pillars and the other adornments complete the class quotient. The Mixed Cold Seafood Platter is no doubt the best option here with fresh lobster, oysters, crabs and prawns accompanied by Niquise Salad, Garlic Aioli and Kimchi Mayo.  

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