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Durga Puja Feast at The Oberoi Grand Pujor Mahabhoj
Durga Puja Feast at The Oberoi Grand Pujor Mahabhoj | EazyDiner Food Trends

Durga Puja Feast at The Oberoi Grand Pujor Mahabhoj

A classic Bengali meal for this Durga Puja in The Oberoi Grand Kolkata

13 Oct, 2018 by Anindya Sundar Basu

A classic Bengali meal for this Durga Puja in The Oberoi Grand Kolkata

Bhajabhuji is there

Machher Kochuri with Cholar Daal and Alur Dom is there

Machh is there

Kosha Mangsho is there

Mishti is there


It is easy to sum up the Grand Pujor Mahabhoj in this way but if you are up for a delicious Pujo feast, it is a journey which is unforgettable. 'Chef Rajat Mukherjee', the curator of this menu comes from the Northern part of Kolkata and leaves no stone unturned to bring some of the best Bengali food from his grandma's kitchen

Table accompaniments are unknown in Bengali cuisine but 'Chef Rajat' very smartly transformed the variety of mashes (loosely bhartas) like Potato (Aloo Bhate), Tomato Pora, Begun Pora and an excellent Chingri or whole Shrimps in Mustard Paste as an introductory inclusion.

Bhajar Thala

The course starts with Fritters or Bhaja Bhuji, which had famous Kolkata Dimer Devil, Fish Chop, the Red Beetroot Chop and Banana Flower Chop. Deep Fried Oil Fritters in the evenings are a very important chapter in the gastronomical saga of Kolkata and these are few of the gems which always shine above the rest. The new one here is Musur Dal er Bora with Chingri Mach which is dark brown fried lentil fritters mixed with shrimps.

While many Bengali meal will include Luchi (deep-fried flatbread), 'Chef Rajat' offers options in Radha Bollovi and Machher Kochuri too, where the former is with a stuffing of lentils and the latter with, minced fried fish.

Cholar Dal and Alur Dom

There is always a rivalry between Alur Dom and Cholar Dal to become the perfect folly to either of the flatbreads; here we get both. Alur Dom served was cooked with great restraint, not overdone with garam masala or spices, just as the one which would be cooked in your home kitchen.

Potoler Dolma

The sides also Chanar Dalna, Motor Shuti Dhokar Dalna, Potoler Dolma stuffed with Chingri and a brilliantly executed Posto Bata Steamed in Lau Pata.

Just as Sourav Ganguly used to love to play on the offside, it seems 'Chef Rajat' has a penchant for fish and handpicked wide variety of fish which were on the offering as a part of the tasting menu.

Chingri Malaikari

Bhekti Kasundi

Shorshe Ilish

Prawn Malaikari or Chingri Malaikari, Pabda Machher Jhal, Tel Koi, Ilisher Matha Diye Pui Shaak, Bhekt Aam Kasundi; each called out for attention showcasing the work of a talented craftsman. The promise is to provide only the fresh catch of the day, just like at home.

Kosha Mangsho

No Bengali festive meal is complete without mangsho or the meat and specifically Kosha Mangsho. There are a few places in the city which can hit the right note with this dish. Keeping the tradition of The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata of using a lamb instead of goat, the kosha mangsho was the perfect with colour, soft meat, slow cooked and with an aroma to send enough inviting signals to your pituitary glands.


A grand spread like this can only be accentuated by a grand climax and what else than in-house prepared Mishtis or sweet dishes.

Malai Chomchom


While Rosogolla was there, there were also Rajbhog, Roshomalai, Chomchom, Sondesh, Kheer Kodom, Kalo Jaam and the list is endless.

Mix and match of this will be available in the lunch and dinner buffet between Saptami to Naomi and lunch buffet on Dashami. I could have mentioned the dates here also, but, if you are in Kolkata in this time of the year, then it is these days which mean more than the dates.

Price: INR 2250 plus taxes

Location: Gharana

P.S. If you love Ilish Machh then, you can also avail Ilish Machh at INR 300 plus taxes

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A true blue Kolkata foodie, Anindya loves cooking and eating his Kosha Mangsho. Anindya weaves stories around food as he believes exceptional food is an emotional experience. Previously a restauranter, now a passionate photographer and traveller, he runs a successful blog called Pikturenama and contributes to other publications.

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