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Glenfiddich – A Spirited Gift For This Holiday Season
Glenfiddich – A Spirited Gift For This Holiday Season | EazyDiner Food Trends

Glenfiddich – A Spirited Gift For This Holiday Season

Something For Every Palate

24 Dec, 2016 by Phantom

Something For Every Palate

Christmas is always a special time in Dufftown. The snowed in valley glimmers under the dark wintry sky, like the festive lights themselves. The Glenfiddich distillery, more so. After all, it was on Christmas Day itself that the first drop of spirit fell from the copper stills in the year 1887, only to fulfill William Grant’s lifelong ambition. And lo, Glenfiddich indeed went on to become the full-bodied essence of the finest dram in the valley. 

Today, a hundred and twenty nine years later, it is Christmas time once again. And as you mull over what presents to get this season, we believe there is something here for every kind of friend you have. Over the years, each of the Glenfiddich variants have acquired a discerning stature, in addition to their own individuality. Their character stems out of the notes they spark as they hit the palate. It helps that their consistency in flavour as well as process has remained as constant as the spirit of the season. So fruity or somber; spicy or mellow; vanilla or experimental – there is a share in the distillery’s legacy for everyone.

For lovers of the exquisite, for example, there is none better than Glenfiddich 18 Year Old. Its intense marrying period, and the warming, distinguished finish have gone on to exemplify the quintessential whisky making craft, and knowledge that has been passed on over generations. Not just that, each of its batches is numbered and carefully watched over, making it quite a discerning choice. 

The Glenfiddich 12 Year Old, on the other hand, is quite the favourite of every awards panel, being world’s most laureled single malt expression. Its distinctively fresh and fruity flavour is a hallmark of William Grant’s great personal legacy – that of decidedly high cut points. Any lover of excellence is bound to appreciate this one. 

The Glenfiddich 21 Year Old is a little bit of an experiment in itself. Never before had a distillery made its own rum casks to produce whisky, let alone ship them off to the Caribbean for a long, arduous maturation. The result? Exotic notes of lime, ginger, banana and fig – and a finish that is warm, long and spicy. The 21 Year Old is truly a child of the Caribbean, but it remains traditional at heart. Much like those who appreciate it. The gift pack that it comes in too, elegantly reflects the festivity and its very charm makes it the perfect Christmas present for any maverick or experimenter who loves a good aftertaste. 

The Glenfiddich 26 Year Old is unlike others. It must therefore be reserved for someone truly special. Only one who appreciates its legacy, and savours its expression deserves it. This premium whisky was created as a celebration of Glenfiddich’s independence and individuality that has sustained over the years in various forms. Thus was born a soft yet delicate expression, with a deep and complex balance of sweetness and dry oak tannin – bound to awaken the nose and excite one’s palate. 

If you are still unsure, it is the Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Solera Reserve what you should go for. Its intriguing aroma of honey and vanilla, as well as its satisfyingly rich finish has appealed to strikingly different palates over time. Plus, it is winter’s perfect flavour – no matter where you are. 

As we inch closer to the Christmas and New Year celebrations, choose what you might – but remember, what brings these varied expressions together over the years is that they all harmonise with good company – like Christmas itself. 

So go forth and celebrate, the spirit of gifting is indeed upon us!

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