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5 must-try microbreweries

17 Jan, 2015 by Reeth Naomi Puri

5 must-try microbreweries

A tradition dating back several centuries in countries like Britain, Germany and Belgium, microbreweries are the most popular amongst barflies and pub-hoppers today. Started by Howzzat in Gurgaon, the concept has evolved greatly. Here are some places which boast of the best beer:

Manhattan Craft Brewery
This large microbrewery is packed even on weeknights. It hits the sweet spot not only with the ambience and diverse menu but also with some of the most delicious and perfectly-chilled home brews. The most popular amongst both established beer-lovers and first-timers is the Belgian Wheat Beer, which surprises with its citrusy punch. It is served with a fresh slice of grape fruit that does the beer most justice. The beers here are also exceptionally light and fresh so feel free to chug it up without fear of a hangover!

Striker Pub and Brewery
One of the most popular microbreweries in the city and an all-time favourite amongst office-goers and the corporate crowd. This is also one the first places that not only serves normal home brews but low-calorie beers as well. The beers are creatively named after music genres; their Jazzy Light and Weiss Blues are fast movers, but the star of the show is unanimously the Rock Bock — a dark, full-bodied malt beer full of bitter hops. This particular beer pairs surprisingly well with most of the items from their spicy Asian-themed menu.

Vapour Pub and Brewery
This drinking hole is immensely popular for its variety of beer, plush ambience and good bar food. Their very own dark and premium brews are the most popular here. Their beer cocktails or beer-tails change every month and are refreshingly innovative. The Vapour Light and Vapour Wheat are most popular but their distinctively smoky-tasting dark beer is definitely a must try. 

Soi 7 and Brewery
Soi 7 is run by the same folks who have brought Striker Pub to beer drinkers and is by far the most popular place in Cyber Hub. The brew has gotten better since they first opened with four options: Wheat, Brooklyn Amber, Dark and Premium Upper Cut. The Wheat Knock Out is likeable, but the Brooklyn Amber Straight Jab goes down smooth and the Premium Upper Cut is by far the fastest-moving brew on the menu.

7 Degrees Brauhaus
Giving off the distinct feeling of a European bar setting, complete with foreigners mingling over beer, this certifiably Bavarian-inspired brewery is all shiny vats and a buzzing atmosphere. Ignore the rather oddly-placed trees around the well-stocked circular bar. Try the 7° Special for a clean, lingering-in-the-mouth feel or the Wheat which has just the right amount of hops. Pair your mug with juicy, glistening German sausages, hearty goulash and pretzels.

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