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Olive’s New Kid On The Block: Lady Baga
Olive’s New Kid On The Block: Lady Baga | EazyDiner Food Trends

Olive’s New Kid On The Block: Lady Baga

A Goan Beach Shack In The Heart Of Delhi

21 Jan, 2017 by Rupali Dean

A Goan Beach Shack In The Heart Of Delhi

Lady Baga; Hippy epicurean meets hipster-chic and owing to the fact that it is value for money, it has taken the capital by storm, trending and how!

For how long can you keep going back to Goa? Following the tourist tradition, we have a drink at a shack, unquestioningly gasping at the gorgeous beachside while sipping on cocktails, after spending a lot of moolah to reach there. Whereas in between conversations, I reach Lady Baga, since this is Goa; my coat and I are ridiculously laid back and firm to make the most of our ‘beach break’ in the capital by exploring Lady Baga. There has to be more to Lady Baga than the calm beach view all over social media by hordes of over-enthusiastic fellow Dilliwaalas. Even as we draw up to the restaurant, I am not quite sure about what to expect.

Up the elevator is the restaurant draped in sun and sand twisted with funk. Every surface is covered with quirky bright coloured beachy things ranging from surfboards to a big screen flashing waves with two sunken recliners on a bed of sand to get you in the Goa mood!! He has done it yet again; the visionary behind this ‘Lady’ is a restaurateur who has drunk his way through Goa – a feni at a time – kudos to A.D. Singh!! I squeeze into the comfy chairs and am served plates of delicious bangda recheado, along with generous mugs of beer. Bowls of xacuti and sorpotel follow and then plates heaped with chorizo – a potpourri of Goan food – but one that works!!

Nostalgia seems to be a popular theme here. The food is very Goan, but of course and the city’s foodies seem as sentimental about eating in Goa, as they are enthusiastic about the homecoming of Goa in saadi Dilli. It is an interesting balance of food, drinks and an interior and is all packed already, at any given time! Lady Baga welcomes us to Goa with open arms and spicy pork fried rice. When I finally leave the beach, the bill is not that much either. How can we not go back? Is Goa going to lose the Delhi tourists? To be honest, I have lost myself. ‘Ah well,’ my friend, the coat disregards, ‘Let’s just get some more sorpotel’!

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Rupali Dean is a familiar name in Food & Travel writing. Her passion and work takes her on various travels across the world and her by-line is familiar to discerning readers of esteemed magazines and Newspapers like Uppercrust, Food & Wine, Discover India, Economic Times Travel, Hindustan Times City, Statesman etc to name a few. A trained hospitality professional, from the Institute of Hotel Management, Ahmedabad gives her an edge over any other food writer. She has also won the Best Food Travel writer award in India by Spain Tourism and has been Featured among India’s Top 5 Food Bloggers in India in the Hi Blitz magazine.

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