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Restaurant Spotlight: The Great Kabab Factory, The Treasure Trove Of Luscious Kababs And Exquisite Mughlai Flavors In Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport, Mahipalpur

What you 'Seekh' is seeking you!

21 Jun, 2022 by Gargi Bisht

What you 'Seekh' is seeking you!

If there’s one thing that Indians absolutely love, it’s FOOD! Yes, Indian people live to eat, thanks to thousands of delicious culinary expertise every part of the country has mastered. But with a gun to my head, if I had to name one surefire dish from the treasure trove that is Indian cuisine that every true blue foodie in the country loves, without skipping a beat I would say Kababs!

There is something about succulent fresh-of-the-tandoor Kababs that makes this evergreen delicacy ambrosia for every meat lover. And if like us, a mere thought of this luscious treat quickens your heartbeat too, then fellow Dilli foodie, you’re in luck because Delhi NCR is home to one of the most revered Kabab destinations of all time- The Great Kabab Factory!

Nestled in the plush premise of Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, The Great Kabab Factory is an Indian specialty restaurant offering a unique dining experience to its guests. The first aspect that greets you at The Great Kabab Factory (TGKF) is its energy. Fusing ethnic décor with contemporary vibrancy, TGKF is all about immersing guests in a larger-than-life gastronomic experience. The spatial arrangement of the outlet includes an open kitchen that holds centre stage in the restaurant. TGKF gives the experience of dining within a virtual food factory. Even their cutlery, serving dishes and the factory-style uniforms of the service staff add to the thematic concept.

Coming to the food, this popular eatery is known for its decadent menu that features an array of traditional delicacies from the erstwhile era, including many closely guarded family recipes that are passed down through the ages. Employing the winning formula of combining ancient recipes with a touch of modern flair, TGKF curates a lineup of delectable kababs from all over the Indian sub-continent.

At The Great Kabab Factory, you get to sample the most luscious Kababs ever, prepared in seven different styles- roasted on the tandoor or on a sighri, shallow-fried in a tawa or a mahi tawa, deep-fried in a kadhai, steamed in pots, and even grilled on a stone.

Plus, a different menu is set for each day and guests are served unlimited servings of each dish, either vegetarian or non-vegetarian, ensuring that you have an unmatched dining experience like never before.

We highly recommend you start your gastronomic journey at TGKF with their legendary signature offering the Galauti Kabab made with finely minced lamb, flavored with over 150 spices mixes and cooked on a Mahi Tawa.

Another one of their must-try signature dishes is the smoky, tender and oh-so-juicy Burrah Kabab. Generously marinated with ‘Pathar ke Phool’and secret spice mixes handed down through the generations and roasted to perfection in a clay oven until golden, TGKF’s tantalizing Lamb Chops are best enjoyed with mint chutney.

The chefs at The Great Kabab Factory have traveled to the corners of India and through the annals of history to unfold the secret recipes and culinary techniques that have been exclusively used by the royal Khansamas and the result of their thorough research and labor bore fruit in the form of culinary gems like 'Soya Changezi', a flavor-packed delicacy that vegetarian diners are sure to fall in love with!

We also loved another one of their decadent vegetarian delicacies- the ‘Dastarkhani Bharwan Ananas’, which we understand was once a favorite of Nizams of Hyderabad, and after just one taste we totally understand why.

Besides their signature kababs, a meal at TGKF also include Dal factory, Biryani, a selection of Indian breads and the best of seasonal vegetables and so on. Unlike the traditional buffet where you have to get up and help yourself each time, at TGKF elegant service is delivered to your table serving one dish at a time. Dish after dish, indulgence after indulgence, the delicacies are endless.

When it comes to the desserts we suggest, TGKF doles out an array of insanely yum desserts and we suggest you try all of them at least once. But if you still need recommendations, their ‘Gur Aur Badam Phirni’ and ‘Shahi Tukda’ are two sinfully indulgent sweet treats we just can’t get enough of.

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Gargi Bisht is an event copywriter/conceptualizer turned writer currently working with EazyDiner Pvt. Ltd. Compulsive eater, book hoarder, dog lover and pop culture enthusiast with an innate love for storytelling. Usually the quietest person in the room, Gargi is an introvert who loves her own company. When not eating, can be found in front of her laptop watching movies. Knows a thing or two about art and literature.

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