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Taste Iconic Flavors Of Lucknow At These Restaurants In 2022

Experience fine and authentic flavors In The City of Nawabs

23 Jan, 2022 by Vansh Khullar

Experience fine and authentic flavors In The City of Nawabs

Lucknowi cuisine has its own distinct identity. Known for its regal creations and extra flair in their preparations, Lucknow has an overwhelming amount of mouthwatering dishes that will ensure an elating experience.

The Kebabs of Lucknow are famous around the world. With a stupendous variety and an exuberant burst of flavors in these kebabs, these will win your heart over. Amongst the numerous options, some of the most popular kebabs are mentioned below:

Galawati Kebab with Ulte Tawe Ka Paratha
This is a match made in heaven. With each bite melting in your mouth, this scrumptious creation is the best-known kebab of Lucknow. With heavy use of spices like black pepper, cardamom and star anise, among others, mixed in a rich, thick paste of papaya, yogurt and gram flour, blended in with minced meat and made into small patties, these kebabs are to die for.

Tunday Kebab
These melt-in-mouth kebabs are uniquely spiced with over 100 types of masalas for a very long time. The meat tends to dissolve as you take a bite. Best paired with Romali Roti, Tunday kebabs are rich in flavor and history.

Boti Kebab
Age-old popular Mughlai kebabs, the Boti Kebab is a tender mutton kebab wrapped in traditional spices and heated under intense heat, this is one finger-licking starter that you cannot miss.

Shami Kebab
Juicy chicken kebabs mixed with chana dal and aromatic spices, smeared with eggs and fried crisp, Shammi kebabs are sumptuous, melt-in-your-mouth and definitely a must-try.

Handi Mutton With Sheermal
The Handi Mutton is cooked with a rich spicy gravy in an earthen pot over a flame in a meter deep charcoal pit. This process enhances all the potent flavors that tend to seep into the meat. Fragrant and flavorsome, Handi Mutton served with glazed caramel Sheermal bread is a dish sure to stoke your hunger and leave you craving for more!
Where to find them: Kalika Hut, Charbagh, Lucknow

Lucknowi Biryani
Lucknowi Biryani is one of the most popular dishes from Lucknow. The Biryani here is made in a different style. The different Mughlai flavors, fresh local spices, meat and rice prepared separately and the use of milk, herbs and saffron, makes this exquisite Biryani stand out from other variants of Biryani. Do try this aromatic and flavorful Biryani.

Chaat Tokri
The Tokri Chaat in Lucknow is impeccable. The Tokri is made by frying grated potatoes in the shape of a basket. This basket is then loaded with all kinds of goodness like aloo tikkis, papdi, lentil fritters, chickpeas, and sweetened yogurt topped with chutneys. This scrumptious basket of flavors is then sprinkled with grated carrots, sev, pomegranate and aromatic spice powders. Do try this delicious Chaat.

Paya Nihari
This slow-cooked dish is breathtaking. Lamb Trotters cooked for 7-8 hours, this broth-like dish is spicy and aromatic along with having a lot of health benefits. You will be amazed by the exuberant and bold flavors of this heavenly dish.

This rich, velvety dessert is made from frothy cream rich in saffron, pistachios, cardamom and rosewater. One of the most popular desserts in the wintertime, Nimish melts like cotton candy. Also known as Daulat Ki Chaat, Makkhan Malai or Lab-e-Mashook is covered with Chandi Ki Warq, this intensely airy dessert is rich and light at the same time. Be amazed by this smooth seasonal dessert.
Where to find them: Chowk Area

One of the oldest, Indian desserts, best paired with Falooda, Kulfi is a frozen, creamy dessert, flavored with a variety of nuts, seeds and seasonal fruits. The combination of Kulfi and Falooda is exquisite and a must-try.

Malai Paan
Malai Paan or Malai Ki Gilori is a royal dessert of Lucknow, originated during the Nawabi rule. This culinary invention consists of sweet Mishri and Dry fruits encased in paper-thin rosewater and Kewra infused Malai, making this one-of-a-kind Pan which is a must-try.
Where to find them: Ram Asrey, Hazratganj, Lucknow

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