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Top 10 Biryani Eating Joints In Chennai To Entice Your Taste Buds

Feast on the best Biryani in Chennai at these outlets!

03 Apr, 2018 by Kruthika Dixit Kandpal

Feast on the best Biryani in Chennai at these outlets!

For all you Biryani enthusiasts, here is some lip-smacking good news! We bring to you the best places to chomp on Biryanis at the Cultural capital of India, Chennai. Decadent and comforting, biryani is every food lover’s bae. For biryani lovers, this city is a treat. After all, we can dig into Tamil Nadu’s many biryani inventions, from Ambur to Dindigul and Chettinad, right here in the city. Here are the top 10 biryani stops in Chennai you must-visit.

Savoury Sea Shell

The Savoury Sea Shell Restaurant Group is one of the fastest growing fine dining Restaurant Chains, offering a distinctive range of Indo-Arab Cuisine to the delight of discerning food-Lovers. This is where you head to when you have got a calorie-loaded treat on your mind. Stuff your face with their excellent Mutton Raan Biryani that is sprinkled with saffron and features chunks of beautifully cooked lamb. It certainly is a finer dining version of the meal.

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The place is a sort of new and still getting their act. The restaurant is known for Haleem, Lukhmi, Chicken Cheese Cigar Roll and Ande-Ka-Meeta. Although their best-seller is the Hyderabadi Biryani, which is perfectly balanced in terms of flavours and texture of meat, with a generous topping of fried onions, definitely making a whole meal out of it. The spread at Abid’s is surely a gastronomic delight.  

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This popular chain sure knows how to draw in the crowds. It is all about going big here! Dig into their Unlimited Biryani Thali offerings that come stacked with Thalassery or Madurai-Style Biryani. With this comes a meaty side dish, Barottas, and a Kuzhambu. If you are not prepared for the unlimited version, you can choose plates of piping hot Ambur Chicken Biryani or Prawn Biryani as well.

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Maplai, Neelankarai, Chennai

Maplai, Nungambakkam, Chennai


One of the popular Arabian joints in town, Palmshore is also known for its biryani. Their menu is a blend of tasty Arabian BBQs, Chinese, traditional tandoor and Indian cuisine. They serve typical Arabian Mandi Rice and have a special seating arrangement called the mandi majlis. The ingredients and meat used to make their biryani are of the finest quality.

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One of Chennai's iconic restaurants that kick-started 5 decades ago. The restaurant is also credited for their invention of Chicken 65 Biryani. It is always been a home to great biryani too. Long grain rice, great flavours and a standard that has not slipped at the original Buhari. The Buhari’ chain of hotels are the oldest in Chennai and are operating since 1951. In spite of that their ancient recipe is still popular and a bestseller. A wide variety of North Indian meat dishes are also available here.

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The Biryani Shop, Thousand Lights

Head to The Biryani Shop located at Thousand Lights. Forget the calories when you visit this takeaway joint as they offer delectable Mughlai cuisine. Stuff yourself with their signature Nawabi Mutton Biryani which is beautifully cooked and flavoursome. The ingredients used in the biryani are fresh and of the finest quality.

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Dindigul Thalappakattu

Chennai is surrounded by the biryani hubs. There is Ambur not very far, and if you are heading towards Hosur, you will find the famed Dindigul biryani. But, do not worry, you would not have to budge an inch to get your share of steaming Hot Dindigul Biryani. This famed chain restaurant serves Boneless Mutton Biryani, chicken versions, and biryani in a bucket to feed your entire brood.

Charminar Biryani

A busy biryani joint in Royapettah, Charminar is a favourite with the crowds. The tiny place specializes in Muslim-Style Biryani and you can line up for plates of their mutton or chicken option that is served out of large, blackened cauldrons. They have a few tandoori dishes that you can chomp down with your biryani. Bucket versions, for large crowds, are available as well.

Aasife Biriyani

There are over 15 outlets of this legendary outlet in Chennai, so, you can gauge its popularity with the crowds. Lightly fragrant, the Mutton {or chicken} Biryani can sure perk you up after a hard day. Pair it with a plate of Spicy Chicken Tikka or a plate of Aasife’s Special BBQ and you have got a winning meal.


Zaitoon may not be in the same league as some of the 'biryani only' eateries but deserves a look in for its ambience, service and an exhaustive menu. There is everything from Shawarmas to North Indian dishes in the mix. Their biryani is one of the most popular dishes on the menu, it is not spicy, yet quite flavoursome.

Bismi Biriyani

Bismi Biryani in Nungambakkam is well known for its Chicken Dum Biryani and Bucket Biryani. If you are looking to buy biryani for domestic functions or intend to treat your friends, this is the place to be without drilling a hole in your wallet. This is more than just a biryani centre, as, they also serve tandoori and north Indian dishes. If you are here, do check out their Unlimited Biryani Combo on the menu.

Head to these restaurants to make it a viable family dining or team lunch option, as we do not want you to miss on this!

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Kruthika Dixit Kandpal, is an in-house creative writer for EazyDiner Pvt Ltd. She is a food enthusiast, social worker and blogger. She has contributed to the Safari India Magazine, The Statesman Newspaper, Wedding Vows Magazine, Sanchar Times and several other publications. Nothing is dearer to her than the joy of writing with her passion for food as the connection of food is not just with your tummy, but with your heart. In addition to writing a lot, Kruthika likes to eat and experiment with her cooking and gallivanting. And, if not inside the kitchen or at work, one can find her volunteering for NGO’s, exploring places, partying, travelling and shopping. She dreams of owning a restaurant one day and provide some notable contributions to the world of food.

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