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Top 13 Places in Kolkata for Delicious Eggs
Top 13 Places in Kolkata for Delicious Eggs | EazyDiner Food Trends

Top 13 Places in Kolkata for Delicious Eggs

How Have You Had Your Egg Today?

15 Aug, 2016 by Madhushree Basu Roy

How Have You Had Your Egg Today?

Long time back, in the late 90s, an advertisement by the National Egg Coordination Committee became a rage with the tune of ‘meri jaan, meri jaan, Sunday ke Sunday’ and ended with the revolutionary tag line of ‘Sunday ho ya Monday, roz khao ande’. That advertisement perhaps changed the way people perceived eggs. From a boring and pro-cholesterol food, it slowly became a health food with various ways of eating it. Today, eggs are a part of most diets and a number of vegetarians also give in to them. And no longer are they found in only boiled, fried or omelette formats. The roadside stalls have championed the eggs with various versions of ‘dim pauruti’ or eggs on toast. Restaurants have eggs as part of their regular menu other than the breakfast menu. People are having speciality omelettes with their evening teas. Eggs are everywhere.

Smoke House Deli has an eggstatic egg menu for breakfast, and it is simply irresistible. They have a variety of fried eggs with bacon, parmesan, asparagus, tomato, caper, garlic and many more. They have omelettes, poached and scrambled eggs, but their house speciality, the omelette with smoked salmon and cream cheese, is a clear winner. One could also try the eggs florentine on a brioche with spinach and a creamy hollandaise – a pile of ingredients combined together in a vibrant chorus. 

Eggytarrian, around the corner of Elgin road, is a one-stop eggy café. This tiny joint serves up the wholesome and hearty egg in a number of ways. Try the pesto eggs pizza, which has a delicious crisp base topped with a bed of pesto and egg. The scrambled eggs on toast at Mrs. Magpie is also very creamy and perhaps one of the best scrambled eggs in town. One could try the classic eggs benedict at The Corner Courtyard. This restaurant also serves up a wicked egg on the beach, which is a version of eggs benedict but served with crispy bacon on crab cakes. 

Café Pranah, the ultimate health food café in town, serves up this fresh and vibrant Oriental ribbon salad, where the ribbon is made with an omelette jazzed up with bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, nuts and a dressing with sesame oil and orange. For another healthy option, one can try the pesto eggs croissant at Au Bon Pain. Well, the croissant may be all buttery, but this sandwich is made without any cheese and is delicious in every respect. 

The legendary Flurys has many egg options on their menu but the one thing that sets them apart is the classic French toast. Unlike the French toast that we commonly know in India, this one is the original French toast where the bread is soaked in eggnog batter and fried in butter and finally served with maple syrup and honey with the some fresh fruits. If you like to have the yolks looking at you, then go for the sunny side up at La Maison Des Délices and get comforted with perfectly round fried eggs with a runny yolk in the centre. 

Enough of the Western varieties; we do agree that our masalas add magic to the egg. The popular evening snack, the egg roll at Hot Kathi Rolls, is a cracker of an egg roll in a crispy paratha. The double dimer (double egg) Mughlai paratha, which is also available with duck eggs, has been a speciality of Anadi Cabin at Chowringhee for decades. The desi anda bhurjee at The Bikers Café is a great way to start breakfast with some paratha and achar on the side. To curry it up, the dimer rasha at Bhojohori Manna is a good meal with some hot steaming rice and is lip-smacking in taste. And let us not forget the mighty dimer devil or the Bong-style Scotch eggs. They are available at most fast-food shops, but the dimer devil at 6 Ballygunge Place is made with a hard boiled duck egg coated with a generous amount of potatoes and kheema and then batter-coated before deep frying. It is nothing short of heaven.

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