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Top 5 Spots For Burger Lovers In Dubai
Top 5 Spots For Burger Lovers In Dubai | EazyDiner Food Trends

Top 5 Spots For Burger Lovers In Dubai

Find A Fix For All Your Burger Cravings

03 Jan, 2017 by Ruchi Kamble

Find A Fix For All Your Burger Cravings

Burger is the best fast-food to satisfy hunger. The patties filled buns are a real treat for everyone. There are many claims about the origin of burgers but in many records it originated around 1884. Dubai has no limit on food and cuisines, so the burger stops are many where burger lovers can indulge themselves. Here is the list of the top burger joint's in town -  

Burger Rebel - Souk Al Bahar is a known place for many good restaurants and eateries. Burger Rebel is one of the known places to grab a quick bite. The interiors are very funky and the over all ambience is lively and charming. The dishes recommended here are bread sticks, tijuana burger and classic burger, the meat used in the burger is fresh and good quality.

Grilliant - This new place has become the talk of the town. Every one is talking about the amazing burgers served here. Graffiti walls, amazingly good food and energetic staff make this place worth a visit. Not only the meat patty burger but the vegetarian burgers are awesome too. The beef burger recommended here is the toad burger and in chicken try the check in burger. Do not miss the hot dogs they serve. The special thing about their food is that the meat is non-processed and fresh. 

Salt - Guess every burger lover have already been to Salt and tried there very popular and special burgers. Salt is a food truck style outlet with an amazing beach view. This place is a hit in good weather but burger lovers do not mind visiting even in hot weather and try this place out. The recommended burgers and dishes are the hooked burger, chicken Cheetos and cheese fries. In desserts the  lotus softy is not to be missed. 

Big Smoke Burger - The ambience of this place is very funky and contemporary. Wooden tables give a very fresh look. The kitchen is semi open where you get to see your food being prepared. Menu is minimal but the burger options are plenty. The staff welcomes you with big smiles and the service is quick. Recommended dishes are the spicy burger and crazy burger. Also do not miss to try the poutin, which is served with quebec cheese curd.

Shake Shack - With many branches in town, Shake Shack is an all time favourite for the burger lovers. The recommended burgers and dishes are chick n shake and shake stake. The burgers served here are juicy and flavourful. And yes do not forget to try the shake of the month that they offer.

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