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Top 6 Places For Gelato In Dubai

Sweet Frozen Delights For Hot, Sunny Days

04 Feb, 2017 by Ruchi Kamble

Sweet Frozen Delights For Hot, Sunny Days

Gelato means ice cream in Italian. Made with milk, cream and sugar, it has fruits and other ingredients added for flavouring. In the last few years, Gelatos have become everyone’s favourite in town. Some historical evidence says that the origin of this frozen dessert was in Sicily, in ancient Rome. Gelato typically contains less air and more flavours, which provides density and richness, distinguishing it from the regular ice creams. In Dubai, there are some authentic gelato shops where you find the best of it. Here is a small list of gelato places.

Dri Dri – The story behind this name is fascinating. The owner rejoices his grandfather’s recipes through Dri Dri. The outlet is tiny but undoubtedly very funky. The best selling flavours are passion fruit, pistachio and tiramisu. The handpicked ingredients are fresh. 

Grom – These small outlets are the real hidden gems, located at various places in town. The gelatos they make have something special about them, as they are very fresh and without any preservatives. Again the best-sellers and must-haves are pistachio and espresso. The extra cream makes the taste unbeatable. 

Morelli's Gelato – Attention, ice cream lovers, as Morelli's is for you. It has various outlets in town, and it is the best place to eat for complete satisfaction. The quality and quantity of each flavour are generous and amazing. The must-have here is the knickerbocker glory with mango, vanilla and chocolate.

Amarino – When you enter this place, you will surely remember your childhood days. The outlet does not only serve ice cream but also waffles and other items. The staff is active and very friendly, and you can have your gelato in the shape of an ice cream, is it not fascinating? The must-have flavours are chocolate and raspberry.

Gelato Divino – Just as you enter Dubai Mall, the cheerful and friendly staff attracts you to this ice cream parlour, which serves not only gelato but even some other items. The recommended flavours are dark chocolate, pistachio and lotus

Booza  – Again a gelato parlour, which will impress you with its presentation. You can choose your favourite flavours, and they will create magic while serving it. The flavours are fresh, and there are no preservatives. Amongst many flavours, the must-haves are coconut, orange and mango. The cones are also fascinating.

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