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Top 7 Places For Delicious Hummus In Dubai
Top 7 Places For Delicious Hummus In Dubai | EazyDiner Food Trends

Top 7 Places For Delicious Hummus In Dubai

Mediterranean Delights For The Soul

06 Feb, 2017 by Ruchi Kamble

Mediterranean Delights For The Soul

Hummus is a delicious and known dip, originated from Egypt, made with a mix of chickpeas, olive oil and tahini. Hummus is part of a cold mezze, served as an accompaniment with pita bread, falafel, grilled chicken and others items. But commonly, it is paired and eaten with pita bread, so here is a small list of best places for hummus in town.

Zaroob - This is one of the best Middle Eastern restaurants in Dubai. The ambience is very vibrant and contemporary. It is also well-known for the smooth and delectable hummus they serve.

Operation:Falafel - Located in many areas, Operation Falafel serves simple street style Arabic food. The falafel here is served in many varieties such as in a salad or as falafel rolls, but do not forget to accompany this with the thick but smooth hummus, as it is delicious. 

Mezza House - Tucked in Downtown, this Lebanese restaurant is known for its beautiful décor and outdoor seating. In the menu, hummus is served in varieties such as Beirut style, with veal and nuts. A foodie would be delighted to find so many varieties here.

Reem Al Bawadi - Located in many areas in town, Reem Al Bawadi is known for authentic Middle Eastern flavours. Hummus is served in different and delicious varieties such as oregano, nuts and spices. 

Leila - One of the most popular Lebanese restaurants in town. They serve some amazing, scrumptious breakfast options. The hummus here too comes in varieties such as spicy, with meat and nuts.

Al Falamanki - Located in Jumeirah 2, the ambience is the first thing that will impress you here, which is very casual and rustic at the same time. Hummus is offered in options such as beetroot, pumpkin, meat and much more, and all authentic.

Ayam Elezz - Located in the mall on Jumeirah Road, Ayam Elezz is known for its quirky and vintage ambience as well as for the breakfast they serve. The hummus served here is very thick and flavourful, and you can enjoy it along with the view of Burj Al Arab.

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