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Western Dishes, Hindi Mein

Hindi Translation Of Some Trending Dishes

10 Apr, 2017 by Amit Patnaik

Hindi Translation Of Some Trending Dishes

Have you been ever been amused by English representation of our dishes at fine dine Indian restaurants? Even after eating across nearly all of them, I confess to an occasional chuckle when my server rattles off the ‘lentil stew, seasoned with turmeric and spices finished with a tempering of whole spices flash fried in clarified butter’ lyric, when we’re both quite clear what Dal tadka is. Sometimes, it even hurts my nationalistic gluttony to see our vast treasure of Naan, Roti, Phulka and Paranthas get sardined under a label like Flatbread. While simplified English description aids diners who can’t tell their Malpua from Gulab Jamun, I have always contemplated what a Burger or Risotto sounds like when interpreted for the Indian mind. In jest, and certainly not to the t, I wrote Hindi descriptions of popular Western dishes:

Pizza –  मैदे की मोटी या पतली नान पे टमाटर की चटनी और चीज़. इसके ऊपर गोष्ट, और सब्ज़ियां भी डाल सकते I

Mayde ki moti ya patli naan pe tamatar ki chutney aur cheese. Iske upar gosht, aur sabziyan bhi daal sakte hai. 

Pasta – सूजी की वादी विशेष प्रकार में. उबाल कर, टमाटर की चटनी और चीज़ या फिर माखन और ओलिव के तेल के साथ I

Sooji ki vadi vishesh prakar mein. Ubal kar, tamatar ki chutney aur cheese ya fir makhan aur olive ke Tel ke sath.

Burger – डॉ डबल रोटी के बीच में एक शमी कबाब या आलू टिक्की, टमाटर, सॉस, पत्ते और चीज़ I

Doa double roti ke beech me ek shami kabab ya aloo tikki, tamatar, sauce, patte aur cheese.

Risotto – चिपकीलये चावल की खिचड़ी I

Chipkeelye chawal ki khichdi.

French Fries – लंबे कटे हुए आलू की भुजिया I

Lambe katte hue aloo ki bhujiya.

Corn on the Cob – उबला हुआ भुट्टा I

Ubla hua bhutta.

Crisp Tacos – मक्की का मसाला पापड़ I

Makki ka masala papad.

Steak, medium rare – बड़े का बड़ा बोती, ताव भुना. बीच में थोडा कच्चा I

Bade ka bada boti, tava bhuna. beech mein thoda kacha. 

Scrambled Eggs – गीला अंडा भुर्जी I

Geela Anda Bhurji.

Eggs Benedicts – माखन लगा के पो पे पानी में उबला हुआ हलफबोयल अंडा, उसके ऊपर पीले का सॉस I

Makhan laga ke pao pe paani mein ubla hua halfboil anda, uske upar peele ka sauce.

Crepes – कुट्टू के आटे का डोसा I

Kuttu ke aate ka Dosa.

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A self proclaimed food geek and coffee nerd, Amit Patnaik enjoys his time in the kitchen as much as he loves dining out. He runs the food blog Pursuit of Yummyness and contributes to The Hindu in Chennai.

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