Popular Cuisines in Tirupati

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Casual Eclectic

Casual Eclectic 0 restaurants

The term casual eclectic belongs to no particular cuisine but is used to define food in general that is served in casual cafes or bistros.

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Chinese 0 restaurants

One of the most popular foreign cuisines in India, Chinese cuisine doesn’t really need an introduction. Be it a Soup or Noodles or any main course dish, the cuisine has been succesful in winning everyones heart.

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European 0 restaurants

European cuisine or Western cuisine covers the cuisine of Europe and encompasses several countries. The cuisine offers a lot of variety and diversity.

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Italian 0 restaurants

Italian cuisine is the celebration of earthy food of Italy, popularizing iconic dishes like, pasta, pizza, tiramisu, risotto all over the world.

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Japanese 0 restaurants

Japanese cuisine encompasses the traditional food of Japan, featuring dishes like miso soup, sushi, sashimi, udon noodles and tempura.

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Mediterranean 0 restaurants

Mediterranean cuisine follows the cooking of Mediterranean Basin region primarily focusing on Southern Europe. Staples are olive oil, bread, pasta, wine.

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North Indian

North Indian 0 restaurants

North Indian cuisine relies heavily on lentils, curries and flatbreads. Though vegetarian dishes are celebrated here, meat and poultry is also favoured.

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Pan Asian

Pan Asian 0 restaurants

Pan Asian is a tag given to the vast ranging cuisines originating from greater continent of Asia including Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese and Korean.

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South Indian

South Indian 0 restaurants

The cuisine of South India is flavoured by the generous use of curry leaves, tamarind, coconut, vegetables and seafood. It is light yet delicious.

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All Cuisines in Tirupati

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Multicuisine 5 restaurants

Multicuisine is a type of restaurant that houses various kinds of cuisines on one menu. A diner can feast on several global cuisines under one roof.

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Barbeque 2 restaurants

Barbeque or as generally called BBQ is both a cooking style and an apparatus. Barbequing is cooking marinated meat over low indirect heat slowly.

Barbeque Restaurants near me

Ice Cream

Ice Cream 2 restaurants

By combining cream, sugar and natural flavourings, one get this delicious world famous cold dessert – ice cream. It can be made in several flavours.

Ice Cream Restaurants near me


Shakes 1 restaurants

Shakes or milkshakes are generally made by combining iced milk/ice cream and flavourings like chocolate or fruit syrup. This cold sweet beverage is an American staple.

Shakes Restaurants near me


Milkshakes 1 restaurants

Milkshake is a cold sweet beverage usually made from milk, ice cream/iced milk and flavourings like chocolate, caramel, fruit syrup or butterscotch.

Milkshakes Restaurants near me


Indian 1 restaurants

Indian food brings out the spicy vibrant side of people of India through its array of curries, rice dishes, flatbreads and sweets.

Indian Restaurants near me

Finger Food

Finger Food 1 restaurants

Finger food is a term used in reference to bite-sized starters easy to eat with your fingers. It is generally served in parties or bars.

Finger Food Restaurants near me

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