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Puri Bakers

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User Reviews on Puri Bakers, Dwarka, West Delhi

Puri Bakers
Posted on: 10 Jan, 2017

Quality degrades attitude reaches peak ... at Puri Bakers

I love the chocolate custard pudding at this place ... but what happened today and 2 and more time back also was that the pudding got a burned milk sort taste and today I decided to complaint cause I loved this place .. but instead of taking my complaint seriously they were taunting and even the owner of the place was so damn ignorant . Pastry and cake quality is just degrading but there attitudes are on peak ! Puri baker Dwarka sector 10

Puri Bakers
Posted on: 04 Aug, 2015

Puri bakers at Puri Bakers

By far the best bakery in the sub city. well their cakes are to die for , especially the chocolate gooie center filled soft chocolate is a must have. The bakery offers some fresh delicious mouth watering stuff. do try the muffins and the freshly bakes breads.Although they do need to market their bakes to the masses also would be happy if they could relocate from the existing corner.
hmm.. would love it if they could bring their fresh bakes a early to the store. much before the 2PM time slot.

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