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Top 10 New Ice Cream Flavours You Cannot Miss In Kolkata

Which Are The Hot Ice Creams In Kolkata Now?

04 Sep, 2017 by Anindya Sundar Basu

Which Are The Hot Ice Creams In Kolkata Now?

My head says go the gym; my heart says to eat one more ice cream. 

There will rarely be any person who would not go through this dilemma but then ice cream is such that one cannot pass it and it has been long that ice cream is now an all season dessert. Gone are the days when it was only vanilla, butter scotch, chocolate or two in one by Kwality, Tulikas (a local brand in Kolkata which got shut down and reopened as very successful Pabrais fresh and naturelle), Baskin Robbins or others. It has been 3 years that Magnum has also come in and the growth of ice cream parlours have been in geometrical progression. It was a year back when I wrote about the Justice league of ice cream in here and now it's all about the innovative flavours and use of Molecular gastronomy in ice creams by the stand alone restaurants as well as the ice cream parlours which makes this space a very interesting one.

Let us see which are some of the flavours which are a must try even at the expense of that guilt feeling of an addition of calories. 

Icy Fusion - With multiple outlets in the city, they throw up a surprise with the varieties that they offer and one must try the cold stone ice cream where the ice cream is smashed and prepared on top of a cold black stone or slab. 

Must try Ice cream- Nutella Ferrero, which is a combination of two scoops of caramel ice cream with Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and crunches. 

Cost - The regular one is Rs. 192 

Ozora - This may be of surprise to many as this place is the highest Bar of the city and proudly boasts of some of the best cocktails but as the innovative ice cream flavours are now not only restricted at the ice cream parlours, so this place has also some innovative desserts and ice creams. 

Must try Ice cream- Besan ladoo Mishti Doi Cheese Cake where Mishti Doi and cream cheese is blasted with rose nitro to get the desired ice cream.

Cost - The regular one is Rs. 310 plus taxes 

The Roll Over - How about some Banarasi pan flavoured Ice cream? Yes, you can get a flavour like that also in this Ice cream parlour which has 3 outlets in Carnival Cinemas, Middleton Row and Lord Sinha Road. The pan flavoured ice cream has betel leaves crushed with gulkand and special mint chutney and topped with pan saunf to give the perfect end of meal Paan effect in your dessert. 

Must try Ice Cream- Our recommendation will be Paan flavour definitely.

Cost - Rs. 125 

Ice Ninja - Walk into this ice cream parlour in Bhowanipore order one Coffee to go and then thank us. You can be a coffee addict or not but this taste will remain with you forever. The recent innovations like this one where its coffee and chocolate fudge combined to give a great flavour is simply splendid.  

Must try Ice cream - definitely Coffee to go.

Cost - Rs. 150 

Mumble's Lab - Mumble is the name of that little penguin from Happy Feet and Mumble is the mascot of this ice cream parlour. They are perhaps the first one to introduce Liquid Nitrogen in ice cream in Kolkata and check out either the Hungerford street or the New Alipore outlet for some exotic innovations and also be a witness to the making process. 

Must try Ice cream- Mojito syrup frozen with mint leaves and your frozen cocktail is ready

Cost - Rs. 180 regular size 

Mangio -The quaint eatery tucked behind Kookie jar has some real good food and they provide homemade ice cream which is an added attraction. There are several flavours like Orange Ice Cream which is a version of orange sorbet and more. 

Must try Ice Cream- Apple and cinnamon ice cream, which tastes absolutely like an apple pie.

Cost - Rs. 150 for a scoop

I Scream Co.- This is the latest kid on the block and opened in Bhowanipore with lots of promise. There are sorbets, mocktails, dragon shots and Lemony Marshmallowy flummery which deserve a mention but the Bangla Mania which has mishti doi, rosogolla chunks and aam shotto is going to seduce your sweet tooth. 

Must try Ice Cream - Bangla Mania which has got various layers, textures and surely a great innovation.

Cost - Rs. 200 

Bon Appetit - This cafe has 2 outlets, both extremely popular with their choice of food. And they do have some stunning desserts, pancakes and sundaes. 

Must try Ice Cream- Chocolate Avalanche which is more of a frozen dessert with rich dark chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream and chilled chocolate mousse with really fudgy homemade chocolate sauce, chocolate chips and wafers

Cost - Rs. 200

Pabrai's Fresh and Naturelle Ice Cream - From Tulika to Pabrais, the journey of this family run venture has been worth a case study for all startups in B Schools. Anuvrat Pabrai and his two sons Kunal and Nishant have not only increased the space for their flagship store in Sarat Bose Road but opened up branches and plays a major role in industrial supplying to Hotels. Next time when you have the evergreen Nolen Gurer ice cream in a Speciality Group restaurant in Mumbai - remember there is a high possibility that it is from Pabrais Kolkata 

Ice cream to check out - Definitely goes without saying the Nolen Gur which is a legendary one with the Nolen Gur (the date palm syrup ) drizzling over the ice cream, but one must try out the Lemon Grass also. 

Cost - Rs. 59 per scoop

Haagen Dazs - The baap of all ice cream shops have opened in Kolkata and they have 2 outlets now. Ice cream lovers went gaga over the flavours and the joints are always packed. 

Must try ice cream: The Eiffel Tower which is their signature creation is simply stunning. It is a tower of cookies and cream ice cream, Belgian dark chocolate in cream with a brownie at the bottom, which is encased in a chocolate tower and topped with strawberries. 

Cost - Rs. 595

Ice cream parlours in Park Street or Salt Lake or as a matter of fact, at any part of Kolkata, always open a door of love and excitement and it has reached a state where they are redefining the concept of ice cream. Isn't it thought provoking that with the magical wand of liquid nitrogen, there isn't any flavour which is left not to be tasted in ice cream? Let us see what future has in hold for us. 

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A true blue Kolkata foodie, Anindya loves cooking and eating his Kosha Mangsho. Anindya weaves stories around food as he believes exceptional food is an emotional experience. Previously a restauranter, now a passionate photographer and traveller, he runs a successful blog called Pikturenama and contributes to other publications.

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