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Top 5 Places For Christmas Cakes In Mumbai

Cakes For The Festive Season

21 Dec, 2016 by Roxanne Bamboat

Cakes For The Festive Season

There is a nip in the air and a spring in every step as it is almost the end of the year and everyone is in a merry mood. The countdown to Christmas has begun and nothing says Christmas like a good old-fashioned cake. Not just any cake but a delicious aromatic Christmas cake full of soaked fruits and drenched in rum! All year round patisseries and dessert shops are full of red velvets and gooey chocolate ones but a traditional plum cake requires special talent. After much deliberation and plenty of delicious tastings, I have decided on a final few that I think are spectacular options if you are looking to buy a cake for your party or even to gift one. 

Celebrations Fine Confections - Without a doubt one of the very best bakers in the city is Mehernosh Khajotia of Celebrations Fine Confections. His loyal patrons swear by his cakes, desserts and custom made chocolates but come December time, everyone scrambles to get this Christmas plum cake. The cake is gooey moist, full of fruits, nuts and drenched in lots of rum. The cake is so decadent that you can smell it in the next room! 

You can call and place an order for your cake. They are priced at Rs 1500 for a kg and Rs 800 for half a kg. 

Toujours - Folks that stay in Breach Candy are familiar with this upscale bakery and it is a complete treat from the minute you walk in. For this festive season they have beautifully themed colourful cookies and a range of sweets but it is the plum cake that is a special treat. If you want more decorative treats then along with the different shaped cookies they have a gingerbread house, which works as lovely centrepiece at any Christmas table.

You can buy your cake at the store; it is Rs 2200 for a kg of Christmas cake.

The Sassy Spoon - This restaurant serves some of the best food in the city but what most folks tend to forget it that their desserts are just as memorable as their main dishes. So much so that they now have their very own Sassy Teaspoon, which is their dessert and bakery outlet. Every year around Christmas time, they make the most beautiful cakes and treats. While their yule log is a personal favourite, the plum cake here is a whopper that is loaded with rum and all the Christmas goodness. 

You can order your cake at the restaurant and is priced at Rs 1250 for a kg. 

Rejoyce Cakes - Bandra is a neighbourhood that embraces Christmas like no other. Every street is lit up and almost every house is decorated. It is also home to some incredible bakeries and Rejoyce is one of the very best. They are masters in Wedding Cakes and are a popular choice for birthday parties but from November till stock lasts, their Christmas cake is the one to indulge in.

You can buy your cake at their store directly without any prior order; it is Rs 1250 for a one and half kg of cake.

Theobroma - If you are pressed for time or have forgotten to order your cake this Christmas then do not worry, good old Theobroma has you covered. The cakes are available at all their outlets across the city and there is no need to place any prior order. The cakes are simple and delicious. In case you would like something else to go with your Christmas cake, you can try their stollen, it is German fruit bread made at Christmas and this is one of the very few places that make it.  

You can buy your cake at the store and it is Rs 825 for a kg of cake.

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