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5 Top Mango Drinks In Mumbai This Summer
5 Top Mango Drinks In Mumbai This Summer | EazyDiner Food Trends

5 Top Mango Drinks In Mumbai This Summer

Relish Mango Treats In A Glass

30 Apr, 2017 by Mini Ribeiro

Relish Mango Treats In A Glass

Sipping ice coolers in summer sounds like the best thing to do. Add to that, the king of fruits – the sweet pulpy mango in your tipple and you have a winning combination. Who said mangoes lend themselves to desserts only? This versatile fleshy fruit is the perfect base or addition to many a cocktail in various forms – syrup or puree. And of course, there are the ever-popular traditional mango drinks, like aam panna or mango lassi, replete with the goodness of the fruit. Mumbai offers some unique drinks created by bartenders using mangoes. So make the most of this mango season and indulge in some refreshing drinks. 

Em-and-Em at NRI - Not Really Indian, BKC Mumbai – As part of their special mango menu, one can sip some unique mango based cocktails here. Mango, Green Melon and Tequila are combined to make a heady potion called Em-And-Em. Equally refreshing, this cocktail proves to be the ideal summer chiller, when something light and fruity is what you are seeking to quench your thirst. The attractive presentation makes it look even more appealing. 

Fresh Mango-Rita at Hitchki, Kala Ghoda – An iced margarita rechristened Mango-Rita, is made with fresh mango pulp, tequila and rock salt. It tantalises your taste buds as you take the first sip. The sweet mango pulp complements the tequila and rejuvenates you instantly and the fruity aromas are immensely comforting.

Smoked Mango Bongtail at Raasta, Khar – The smoky flavour imparted to the mango is what makes this drink unique. When mixed with vodka, soda and rum the perfect concoction for summer emerges and leaves you craving for more.

Mango Mai Tai Beerita at Boston Butt, Fort – A piquant mix of spiced rum, mango puree, tequila and mango syrup, this Mai Tai with a Cerveza beer, boasts of an interesting twist to the original Tiki cocktail. Served in a schooner beer glass, this is the ultimate pick for beer and mango lovers this season. 

Mango Lassi at Khandani Rajdhani, Thane – One cannot possibly go through summer without sipping the customary, rich and creamy mango lassi. This sweet and tart, yoghurt based refreshing drink laced with mango pulp, does not only quench your thirst but also satiates your sweet cravings. 

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