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Best Christmas Presents Inspired by Food

Christmas calories don't count!

22 Dec, 2015 by Roxanne Bamboat

Christmas calories don't count!

Christmas is all about being merry, eating good food and, of course, exchanging presents. Let us be honest: sometimes, picking out presents can be tiring, not to mention cumbersome when you are trying to hunt for the perfect present. This year, opt for things that you know have universal appeal. We have put together a small list of edible goodness that will make gifting this festive season easy and much appreciated by everyone. You can be sure your present will not be recycled and palmed off onto someone else but, in fact, relished and enjoyed. Here is our top food inspired presents for Christmas.

Christmas Cake – There are very few people who do not enjoy a good dessert, and those are probably the only exception to this present. A Christmas cake or pudding stuffed with rich fruit and generously drowning in rum or brandy makes for one spectacular dessert, and a well-made cake is always welcome. Christmas celebrations would be incomplete without cake or pudding, and the more the merrier. It is one present with which you cannot go wrong.

Hampers – If you cannot think of a present, it is always a good idea to put together a little package of treats as a gift. Food hampers or baskets are a rage at any time of the year, but one that is themed around Christmas is a sure-shot hit. You get ready-made ones at various shops and food malls but it is best to customise your own and fill it with cakes, cookies and various Christmas treats.

Wine – Most celebrations of any kind include a good amount of alcohol, so adding to that is always a generous gift. Most people associate Christmas with brandy, but there is a lot of wine drunk and also used to make wonderful cocktails. A good bottle of red or white will always be appreciated.

Cookies – What might sound like an ordinary and rather unexciting gift option actually gets very interesting around this time of the year. We are not talking regular, generic shortbread or chocolate chip cookies, but something far more exciting and festive. Bakeries across town are full of Christmas themed cookies like ones shaped as a Christmas tree, snowflake, snowman and even Santa. They are frosted or have coloured icing to add life to them, and are always a delight to receive. You can make them fun for children by putting a hook into them and decorating your Christmas tree with edible ornaments. Either way, these Christmas themed cookies are a fun present and are usually devoured within days of receiving them.

Roast Chicken – It might seem slightly strange, but to gift a food lover a traditional roast chicken with stuffing, potatoes and vegetables is quite a treat. If you are having a house party, then this makes for the perfect present, as there will be plenty of people to eat and enjoy. Even if you want to just send something special to a near and dear one, this works well. While they might expect a cake or other Christmas sweets, an entire bird with all the trimmings will be an unexpected but delightful surprise.

Yule Log – While the world thinks of cookies and cakes, opt for a different kind of sweet this season. This cake is almost like a sweet roulade made with sponge cake, sometimes chocolate buttercream (or even other flavours), as well as liqueur. While it is extremely popular in France and some other European countries, it is not the first dessert that comes to mind when we think Christmas. It is, however, delicious and makes for a very different present that is also not very easy to find.

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