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Best Soups in Mumbai

Stay warm this season with theses delicious soups

08 Dec, 2015 by Roxanne Bamboat

Stay warm this season with theses delicious soups

Many people associate soups with food you eat when you are sick or suffering from a cold. When they think soup they think of a bowl of unimaginative goopy liquid that is lightly seasoned with salt n pepper like a plain jane tomato soup or then the standard Indo-Chinese sweet corn soup or Manchurian soup. Thankfully restaurants and Chefs across the city have managed to re-create old classics and innovate and bring about some interesting hearty soups to their menus which we think are worth trying.

Yong Chow Noodle Soup at Chinese Palace – This is a small restaurant tucked away in a residential building that is now lost among the other Chinese restaurants in the city. It still has a small but loyal audience and the most interesting thing on their menu is their Yong Chow Noodle Soup that is a clear broth full of noodles, vegetables, chicken and shrimp and is served with a fried egg on top. The soup is a meal in itself and absolutely delicious.

Bacon and Mushroom Soup at Churchill – This little continental style cafe has been around for decades and still serves wonderfully hearty food. They do have a heavy hand with the amount of butter cream and cheese they add to their food but it is still delicious. One of the best dishes on their menu is their Bacon and Mushroom soup which is a thicker creamier soup but full of chopped bacon bits and mushroom. More recently they have switched to chicken ham but it still tastes excellent.

Mushroom Soup at Pronto – This possibly is the mother of all mushroom soups with its thick mushroom broth, cream and lots of mushroom and pepper. Pronto delivers an amazing soup which sadly is not as popular as their pizza or pasta dishes but still a great dish on its own.

Nanking Special Soup at Lings Pavilion – This Chinese restaurant is a city favourite and has fantastic dishes on their menu like their clay pot rice, chilli crab and pan fried noodles. They have some very interesting soups but the one we really enjoy is their simple Nanking Special with either prawn, chicken, lobster or crab and it is a simple soup with a thick consistency but full of flavour from the meat of your choice along with tofu and mushroom.

White Onion & Smoked Scarmoza at The Sassy Spoon – This restaurant always serves up good food but if you want a light meal opt for their soups and the white onion and smoked scarmoza is a great choice. Most of the flavour comes from the scarmoza cheese and also a slightly unusual ingredient to find in a soup which makes it a great choice.

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Better known as the Tiny Taster, Roxanne is an internationally respected blogger and expert on the Mumbai food scene. She has hosted many events, including the Upper Crust Food & Wine Show and travels the world, sharing her knowledge and gaining more experience.

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