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College Goer’s Guide to Happy Eating!

North Campus edition

22 Jul, 2015 by Sanchi Arora

North Campus edition


Kamla Nagar and Hudson lane, sigh. The students of North Campus flock to the innumerable options that these places have to offer, and everybody has their favourites. When we become a part of North campus, a lingering question always prevails, which is not so difficult to guess. What to eat? Too many options. Some that are a little on the costlier side, and some that are unbelievably cheap. Everybody has their favourites. So why don’t you check the places you haven’t visited yet?


A lovely ambience and great American, Lebanese, Italian and Mexican and what not, head to Ricos for the perfect experience. The focus is on good quality, pocket-friendly prices and authenticity, and this place is undoubtedly quite a package. Located in Hudson Lane, the home to many other cafes and restaurants, get ready to wait since this place is always jam packed. We recommend those fresh pitchers when you’re with the gang, for they are delicious and easy on the pocket. Smiling servers and good food, anything else?

Chache Di Hatti

What else can be more comforting on a pleasant morning than a plate of hot and crispy bhature with chole? Chache Di Hatti (CDH), has been known for years and is one of the best places in Delhi for authentic chole bhature. College goers swear by this place situated in Kamla Nagar, for it is the ideal and cheap breakfast after that boring lecture. Gulp your food down with a glass of lassi and you’re good to go. They have managed to make themselves a brand, and you can actually buy chole masala for you to recreate the flavors of their chole bhature at home! Cheers.

Momos Point

Pass outs get nostalgic about this place, because that’s exactly how long this place has been there for.  Go here for, of course, the momos, but you will also love the reasonable combos and large portions. Initially they started with basic vegetable, chicken and pork momos, but now, these are just the basics when it comes to their varied menu. Choose from an array of their delicious tandoori, fried momos and our much-loved honey chilli potatoes. The vibrant menu and the long queue are the ultimate validation to their food. Try try!

Mr. Crust Bakers

Vijay Nagar is the location, and this is the place to be. Mouth-watering pastries and snacks, pure vegetarian and delicious, it just does not get better than this! We love their grilled sandwiches for they totally fill you up. Try anything on the menu and you don’t stand disappointed. All PG students totally flock to this place for their happy meal and a good dessert. What is also interesting is that all those pastas and sandwiches are made right in front of your eyes, so yes, eat with them first! Oh and did we mention, the prices are unbelievable.


Shagun in Vijay Nagar has been around for around 30 years and the quality has been consistent. Many restaurants and cafes have come up in all this time, but Shagun totally manages to retain its originality. The food is largely authentic, and you will definitely enjoy it some good Oriental music and dim lighting. Offering good Chinese and Asian, give it a try. Yaki Gyoza and Nepalese Chopsuey, well, way to go!

Shawarma Wala

Quite a hit among many, this place does a decent shawarma and well, delectable rolls. Grab your seat, order a roll and it’ll be accompanied by a tasty chutney and mayonnaise. If your day sometimes runs on an empty pocket and a large appetite, you will not be disappointed here. Do not expect an authentic Shawarma, but yes, expect filling food. For rolls, tasty fillings in crispy, flaky paranthas take you to another world altogether! The chilli paneer roll is often on the vegetarian’s list. Relish it with your favorite cold drink! Kamla Nagar, yes.


So when did you last have a tomato basil bruschetta for under 100 bucks? Cannot remember? Head to Phirangi. Tasteful interiors, fresh and affordable food, yes that’s their USP. The menu is not extremely extensive, but what is impressive is their super reasonable rates. Creative interiors and those alluring posters, this place is another edition to the array of cafes that North has in store for you. Newly opened and bustling with activity, we suggest you give it a shot.

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