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The College Goer’s Guide to Happy Eating!
The College Goer’s Guide to Happy Eating! | EazyDiner Food Trends

The College Goer’s Guide to Happy Eating!

South Campus edition

18 Jul, 2015 by Sanchi Arora

South Campus edition


The college foodie has just too much to eat and write home about. When we say too much, we absolutely mean it. It’s a myth that North campus students get a lot of fun when it comes to dining options. Satya Niketan and the areas around South, are a hub for places from little eating joints to cafes and restaurants. And for that limited pocket money, there’s always something in store for you. Let us tell you what you just cannot miss!

Big Yellow Door

Be it South Campus or North, everything just has to start with this place. From a basic décor to lovely food, Big Yellow Door (BYD) has gained a lot of popularity over time. Reasonably-priced and genuine food with a homely touch is their USP. Try their pizzas, pastas and shakes, nothing really disappoints here! Students swear by the BYD Bomb Burger and rightly so. Service time is sometimes a little longer but the ambience covers up for it. We absolutely love the lighting and those quirky little ceilings in there!  Satya Niketan is the place to be.

Chowringhee Lane

Now many of us fell in love with the idea of rolls, thanks to Chowringhee. It’s been around for years, and they’ve been very consistent with their food. Beautiful filling inside flaky parathas, how can you possibly go wrong? Thanks to the number of sauces they add, the rolls are never bland and are extremely filling.  Chilli chicken roll with double egg! Heavy breathing.


Located near the famous girl’s college Gargi, this place is quite a gem. Their chicken and jalapeno pizza is to die for, and so is the lasagna. Try the desserts too! The red velvet, and the banoffee pie. Yes yes, this is Green Park’s Big Chill. You will also love that pretty cutlery, purple flowers, balcony seating and well, the beauty of the food. An ideal ‘’’we’ve got to visit this place’’ with friends!

Dude Food

Thankfully, South Campus has become quite a place for innovation. It’s not been long that this place opened up but we have to agree, we love the concept. Experiment if you wish to, try pepperoni parathas! We love their Garbage platter, there is just so much to eat. Try the Dude Pizzas and Burgers, or well if you’re in the mood for good dessert, deep-fried mars, anyone?


Apparently the founders of the much-loved Tandoori momos, this place is always on the college goer’s list and never seems to lose its charm. They do very basic stuff, and they do it just right. Go for their momos of course, and easy on the pocket combos that are filling and satisfying. It has been years and no matter how many cafes and restaurants may crop up, QD’s will never seem to be sidelined because of their consistent and good quality food.


How we absolutely love the name! Sums things up. Cheap beer and biryani, salivating already. Located in the SDA market, try the murg tikka pulao and the subz biryani. Beeryani is comparatively a new concept, but we have to agree that it works for us. Isn’t it so good to go beyond little munchies with your favourite beer and enjoy delicious food with it? And well, choose your booze!

The Booty Call

Do not worry, we’ve got a late night fix for the college foodie too. You’ve got friends over and that movie going on, all you want is an answer to your late night hunger pangs. If you want to get food delivered at 4 am, Satya Niketan promises you some good food.  It’s not been long that this place has changed its forte from being a café to now a late night delivery joint, and we’re not complaining! Ah, minced butter chicken burger please?

High on Burgers

Who does not love a cheap and delicious burger when you’re hungry and on the move? A double chicken sausage burger for 90 bucks, all questions answered!  Add on your favourite sauces, club a good drink along. What you’re up for, is the ideal pocket-friendly satisfying meal. So after that sad lecture, get a little high, high on burgers!

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