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Delhi’s Top 5 Trending Desserts
Delhi’s Top 5 Trending Desserts | EazyDiner Food Trends

Delhi’s Top 5 Trending Desserts

Don’t Desert A Dessert. Grab It!

07 Apr, 2017 by Rivanjali Mithal

Don’t Desert A Dessert. Grab It!

A sugar rush is one of the best things one can experience. I have a major sweet tooth which takes me places and to any lengths to satisfy my cravings. We all have grown up binging on Chocolate fudge and Black Forest pastries, but with time our taste buds and choices have evolved. Here is a list of must-have trending desserts and the best spots to find them. 

Red Velvet 

This rosy red sponge cake layered with cream cheese frosting is every food lovers delight! Not everyone can get this dreamy slice right, but the ones that do should be visited once in your lifetime. Diggin, Anand Lok is a pretty and well - lit café which serves a slice of red velvet with a dash of coffee over it. It is fresh, moist and everything you want a cake to be. Another café popular for its rich red velvet is Elma’s Bakery. It is their best seller and goes perfectly well with a cup of coffee. 

Banoffee Pie 

This is dessert pie made from Banana slices, whipped cream and sticky toffee arranged in layers over a pastry or a biscuit crust, and is served chilled. A lot of people have come up with their versions of this classic. Yum Yum Cha does a rendition of Banoffee Pie and sushi and serves it as Banoffee Sushi Pie. It tastes divine just like it should and pleases the sight of every sushi lover. The Big Chill Cakery, Khan Market is another bakery that needs no introduction and does complete justice to this classic dessert. Banoffee Pie is available at Big Chill restaurants too. Café Delhi Heights misses the mark at presentation but I suggest not to judge by the look of it. The taste makes up for it and will leave you wanting more. 


A cheese lovers dream, this dessert often has multiple layers consisting of custard-like texture made of cream cheese, eggs and sugar, resting on a layer of cookies or a pastry base. It is made with various toppings and in different flavours like strawberry, blueberry, toffee, chocolate and much more. Sugarama Patisserie is a small sassy bakery in the lanes of Shahpurjat and has the best Cotton Cheesecake you will ever taste. Cheese Chaplin is hidden in the lanes of Lado Sarai is a cheese paradise where one can find the Classic Baked Cheesecake and Blueberry Baked Cheesecake. These fat slices of heaven are a must try. 


Tiramisu is an Italian coffee flavoured dessert that literally means ‘pick me up’ and it quite lives up to its name. This dessert is made of Ladyfinger biscuits dipped in espresso, and topped with a layer of mascarpone cheese whipped with eggs, sugar and cocoa. Ivy & Bean, Shahpurjat serves a unique interpretation which is the Tiramisu Pancakes - pancakes layered with mascarpone cheese and topped with a dollop of coffee flavoured ice cream. It is a complete no miss if you are in that market. La Piazaa, Hyatt Regency, is another restaurant that one must visit for their Tiramisu which is served in a coffee cup. The first bite through the creamy whipped cheese and dusted coffee will surely transport you to Italy. For a classic Tiramisu do try Whipped


Macaroon is a flavourful meringue-cookie (made from egg whites, sugar and almond powder) sandwiched together with cream or ganache filling. These are light with a crunchy shell and chewy in a bite. If you are a coffee lover, Sugarama’s Coffee Macaroon is perfect in every way. They have many irresistible flavours like Peanut Butter & Jelly, Passion Fruit, Rose Petal and much more. This French flavour bomb is also available at - A Piece of Paris, located in Greater Kailash – 1. It is the perfect place if you are wanting to binge on a box of macaroons at home, as it is a takeaway bakery and delivers too. Their Pista and Chocolate macaroons are much talked about. Another raved bakery is the L’Opera, famous for their elegant and authentic French culinary products. These colourful buttons on display will surely attract you, and I suggest you try all their flavours as each is better than the other. 

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