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Dubai's Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants | EazyDiner Food Trends

Dubai's Top 5 Vegetarian Restaurants

Vegan And Vegetarian Cuisine In Dubai

09 Apr, 2017 by Nikita Singhal

Vegan And Vegetarian Cuisine In Dubai

Vegan and Vegetarianism have a very similar ideology but means different things to different people. Some people opt for it as a healthier way of eating which causes no harm to animals, while some do it because of their religious beliefs. The former being termed as vegans do not use or encourage any form of animal product in their food including dairy products such as milk, butter and cheese. The later do not have an objection with such products; however, do not include animals in their meal and do not prefer eating at places serving meat dishes, as utensils used for cooking might be the same. Dubai has no dearth of places to eat. One can find all types of restaurants ranging serving various cuisines in different price brackets. But restaurants serving vegan or pure vegetarian food are a little difficult to find, especially if you are looking for international cuisines. So here is a list of places serving vegan and vegetarian food that would leave even the non-vegetarians craving for more –

Located in the posh Downtown Area, Super Natural Kitchen boasts of an all-vegetarian menu, with preservative free food and a modern take on many international classics. The place boasts of organic produce, with natural materials such as wood used in décor. For the super health conscious people, they even have a small store selling most of their organic produce used in the kitchen. The Beetroot and Zucchini Lasagna is one of the many crowd pleasers on their menu, loaded with a creamy cheese sauce, sun-dried tomatoes and parsley oil. For those who are vegan, they can try the refreshing Fennel, Pear and Avocado Salad, with a fresh vinaigrette dressing made without the use of any oil or nuts. Hummus and Crackers is a light side dish, even good for a small munching snack while shopping.

77 Veggie Boutique is another small café tucked in the Tiffany Tower in Jumeirah Lake Towers and is a prevalent place among healthy eaters, especially from the nearby offices. All the dishes are below 500 calories and obviously vegetarian. Besides that, the fact that they offer gluten free dishes along with vegan options makes it even more popular. The olive-green colour scheme, with food illustrations on the wall, completes the theme of this restaurant. The warm dim yellow lighting adds a sense of comfort to give it a cosy vibe. They have an option of outdoor seating as well for pleasant evenings. Do try the Baked Spinach Falafel Roll, which is a gluten-free dish, and has baby spinach, vegetables and sesame paste filled in a crispy thin wrapping. They even serve a vegan pizza, called the Paella Pizza Heaven, with a wide variety of toppings to offer. Try the Balti Good Fat Potatoes, with fenugreek sautéed baby potatoes, with pepper strips and aborigine and garnished with spices and yoghurt, for a complete meal. 

Sweet Berry, is one of the latest additions to the international vegetarian and vegan cuisine. It is a chic European café, with a black and white theme given to the décor. The tables on an elevated platform with the signpost indicating the bar and the terrace area gives it a vibe of a local street market. The addition of contemporary art pieces adds to the modern appeal. The menu has a variety of beverages featured, but the top pick is the Banta Lemonade which is served in an actual banta bottle. It is a refreshing drink to have and is perfect for vegans. The Jawa Chip Frappe is a must-have for the vegetarians. From the food section, Soya Achari Chaap is a flavourful dish to enjoy and will make even the hardcore non-vegetarians want to lick their plate clean.

But for the ultimate vegetarian experience people generally turn to Indian food. There are many places serving vegetarian Indian food, however, the top two picks are the Elco Veg Dine and Radhe O Radhe. Elco Veg Dine is a multicuisine restaurant serving Mughlai, South Indian and Chinese food. The décor is simple and functional, similar to most of the family restaurants. They have some illustrations on the wall to add an element of fun. They serve homely food, perfect for large hearty meals and binge eating. For a light snack, the Masala Idly is a good option. It has soft tender idlies tossed in a vegetable and masala mix. Pav Bhaji and Paani Puri are also great for small snacks. For the main course do try the Zafrani Malai Kofta that has golden fried Potato and cottage cheese balls in a creamy tomato gravy. Accompany it with a Stuffed Tandoori Paratha with a filling of your choice. From the Chinese section, the Spring Rolls, Gobhi Manchurian and the Mangolian Fried Rice are the top picks.

While Elco has a multicuisine menu, Radhe O Radhe serves 100% vegetarian food. The décor is influenced by the Indian culture, with jaalis and jute rope used in the furniture. This place is a true value for money and is known for the wide variety of Soya dishes featured on the menu. Start your meal with the Acharai Paneer Tikka, marinated in a pickle masala and yoghurt and cooked in tandoor. The Vegetarian Seekh is also a good starter to try. For main course try the Soya Tikka Rara, and the delectable Kadhi Pakoda.

77 Veggie Boutique, Sweet Berry, Elco Veg Dine and Radhe O Radhe are all bookable with EazyDiner. So grab your Eazydeal and make the most of your dining experience.

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