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Top 6 Whisky Cocktails To Have In Delhi NCR
Top 6 Whisky Cocktails To Have In Delhi NCR | EazyDiner Food Trends

Top 6 Whisky Cocktails To Have In Delhi NCR

Let’s Get Down To Some ‘Whisky’ Business!

17 Feb, 2017 by Nikita Singhal

Let’s Get Down To Some ‘Whisky’ Business!

Many believe that whisky is a man’s drink, but with changing times, people from both genders and all age groups have found themselves gravitating towards it. Like the sangria had its days of glory, with everyone looking for that perfect fruity drink, now is the era of darns, with people developing a palate and knowledge of them. The premium whiskies are best enjoyed with a dash of water or on the rocks, to enhance the flavours hidden in them. But on a weekend night, when out with friends, a fun whisky cocktail is what you crave for to get the party started. Here is list of places with interesting twists given to the traditional whisky based cocktails –

To make well-blended cocktails, one requires the knowledge of alcohol and flavours that go well together. Farzi Cafe, with its aim to bring back traditional dishes by giving them a ‘Farzi’ twist, is a place to have a complete culinary experience. The cocktail menu also follows this theme, with many inimitable concoctions featured and a skilled barman making them with precision. ‘Monkey sour’ the whisky cocktail, over here, is also presented with a funky spin, with the addition of mandarin juice and mint to elevate its flavours, while keeping the basic flavour profile same. 

The Hungry Monkey is another place that strives to innovate and give a unique experience, with well thought out combinations, both in terms of flavours and textures, in the dishes. This place has a number of whiskey-based cocktails on offer, with combinations such as ginger and apple with Jack Daniels or green tea with mint in a whisky base. But the one that stole our hearts was the bourbon plum, with grilled chunks of plum with bourbon, dry vermouth, honey and lemon. The sweet and sour pieces of plum, with the dry vermouth, give this drink a very balanced taste and the sweet aftertaste of bourbon makes the palate sing with joy.

With cocktails in the name itself, Cocktails & Dreams, Speakeasy serves some of the best concoctions in town. From outside it might not look like much, but their delectable cocktails will take you to cloud nine. The experienced bartender makes all cocktails with great love and passion, which is evident in every sip. They also have a variety of whisky-based drinks but the one to have is the Jim Beam based mint julep. The subtle notes of citrus zest and red liquorice from the bourbon heighten this refreshing mint based classic.  

Another place in Gurgaon that serves its rendition of the classic whisky sour is After Stories. While the original version of whisky sour is made with the addition of an egg white for extra body and frothiness, they serve a vegetarian version of the same, gold rush, which will not only taste great but will also add a hop to your step. The combination of whisky and lemon is always a winner, but the addition of maple syrup with salt water gives it a well-rounded taste. 

Known for its delicious Italian food, Jamie's Italian also has a secret Jim beam based cocktail available as part of their specials menu. The combination of caramel with smoked Jim Beam and citrus flavours creates an exquisite mouth feel. The drink awakens all your senses with a complex mix of aromas. The tanginess from the orange is what hits you first, followed by the vanilla flavour from the bourbon, enhanced by smoking. Although you do not get a direct taste of the caramel, the sweet smell lingers in the nose, with a mild aftertaste left on the tongue. 

For people who do not like citrus-based whisky drinks, TabulaBeach Cafe offers an excellent apple and cinnamon bourbon drink called the smoking aces. The sweet apple juice with whisky gives it a very dessert type feel, and the addition of cinnamon just makes it pop. With flavours similar to that of an apple cinnamon pudding, this drink can even be enjoyed at the end of a meal. 

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