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Farzi Cafe, Dubai Is Now Serving A New Breakfast Menu
Farzi Cafe, Dubai Is Now Serving A New Breakfast Menu | EazyDiner Food Trends

Farzi Cafe, Dubai Is Now Serving A New Breakfast Menu

Start Your Mornings With A Farzi Twist!

28 Feb, 2017 by Ruchi Kamble

Start Your Mornings With A Farzi Twist!

Farzi Cafe, a popular name in India, opened its first international outlet in Dubai last year. Located in the very happening and fun area, Box Park, Farzi Cafe is best known for molecular gastronomy and unique twists in food presentation. And now every foodie in Dubai is raving about the new breakfast menu served at Farzi Cafe with a mix of different English and Indian options, keeping different taste buds in mind. The breakfast menu is small but surely has stomach and soul satisfying options to go for. Begin your meal with the morning alarm Kadak Tea, served in a mini, copper dispenser where you can open the tap, fill your cup and enjoy a refreshing cup of tea. 

If you are looking for a light breakfast, the Power Nut Poha cannot be missed. The regular poha with an addition of power nuts such as pumpkin seeds and more, gives you a power-packed yet light feel. But if you want a hearty breakfast then English breakfast options is the way to go. Do not miss the Egg Benedict with Keema On Toast - delicious flavourful keema topped with perfectly cooked egg Benedict. It is served with green chutney on the side, with the flavours bursting in your mouth with every delicious bite. 

The French Toast is not a regular French toast but with a twist of Nutella filled inside, rolled and served with extra Nutella and cream on the side. The presence of berries cuts the sweetness and gives an amazing taste. You should not miss the perfectly cooked Quinoa, in South Indian style. The flavours are intense, and it is a perfect way to start your day. 

The incredibly delicious Bombay Potato Sandwich will surely steal many hearts, full of flavours and served with French Fries on the side. Very surprisingly, you will find Mexican Paratha, which is actually omelette served with beans and salsa, for a great punch to the taste buds.

The new Breakfast Menu at Farzi Cafe is already the talk of the town. So do not wait and reserve a table with EazyDiner and enjoy fantastic deals at Farzi Cafe!

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