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Food Truck Mania!

Take a quick bite at some of the most popular ones

27 May, 2015 by Sanchi Arora

Take a quick bite at some of the most popular ones

The very idea of getting decently priced gourmet food out of a truck, when you’re on the go and desperately need a quick bite is fascinating. The concept of food trucks has been deeply rooted in the American culture as captured in such TV shows as Eat Street and have been inspired by this very interesting way of getting gourmet food from a truck. Procuring licenses for these trucks in India may be a difficult task, but we can definitely expect less hassles and many more food trucks in the future. And no, when we’re talking about food trucks, we are not talking about Chinese vans! Startups in this field are interestingly done not just by adventurous foodies, but also hotel chains.

Lalit Food Truck

Offering Mexican food on the go, this truck offers a perfect gourmet experience. Try the tacos, tortillas and churros, and you won’t go home disappointed. Currently you will find it in two locations, one is the courtyard of DLF mall, Saket, the other being the World Trade Centre in Barakhamba. After 25 years of service in hospitality, how could they possibly go wrong? They cater to personal and professional events and have customization options too, so you know you’ve got just the right cuisine on your next get together.


Another food truck that has been operating in Sarita Vihar since last year and offers burgers, sandwiches, burritos and what not. They make fresh smoothies which are refreshing and are definitely recommended, so cut down on that packaged drink already! This truck also makes regular trips to music festivals like VH1 Supersonic Goa and NH7 Weekender, and their USP is Mexican and American fast food. Surprises are always in store for the meat craving crowd.


If the kid in you loves those popsicles, then wait no more, Frugurpop is the answer! A pink truck selling paletas (a form of Mexican popsicles), this truck offers a variety of popsicles made from fresh fruits and free of preservatives. Remember that these will have less calories than the ice cream you bought from that store! You will currently find it in Gurgaon, Sector 57. These ice lollies are made with so much love that you won’t find any artificial flavour. Try the ever indulgent frutilicious and Oreo cookies and cream, and then you may ask them to take a bow.


There is also something in store for people who love food with a twist and are here to experiment. Kobri in Gurgaon is one such food truck which does more of South Indian cuisine with global flavours. Crispy dosa taco, doesn’t that sound interesting? What we can definitely take from here is that when something like a food truck can go beyond the basics and offer you dosa wraps and Idli sandwiches with delectable cheese and spinach fillings, ideally, you’re not supposed to say no!


There is something in store for everyone, yes, even for the egg lover that you are. This food truck sells your favorite comfort food at reasonable prices. They serve lunch and dinner across various sectors of Gurgaon and have an extensive breakfast menu too. You will totally love the chicken wrap and the egg curry, and also the Belgian waffles. There is just so much that you can do with eggs, and who understands this better than them! Try the evergreen anda bhurji, or visit them in the evening and try the big chick burger with chicken patty and perfectly cooked egg. An interesting fact about this truck is that its whereabouts can always be tracked on Facebook and Twitter.

So whether you wish to stick to the basics or you’re in the mood to experiment, we won’t be kidding when we say that food trucks are adding a whole new dimension to the vibrant food life of Delhi and NCR, and adding a fresh twist to the curiosity of every foodie. Way to go!

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