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Free Wifi – Added Bonus

Eating spots in Mumbai with free wifi

25 Sep, 2015 by Roxanne Bamboat

Eating spots in Mumbai with free wifi

Good food is always the biggest attraction at any eatery. It will always be the first reason anyone ever visits a restaurant. While location, type of cuisine and convenience are other asserting factors in today's world, another massive attract is FREE wifi. Thanks to the internet, people can work out of cafes, coffee shops and even restaurants and are suddenly picking their eating spots based on their internet availability. These are some of our favourite places to grab a bite and enjoy some of that wonderful wifi.

The Nutcracker - Everything about this adorable cafe makes you want to revisit. From its quirky decor, tasty menu, delicious desserts and excellent breakfast choices, there are plenty of reasons to frequent this cafe. The free wifi is an added bonus.

The Pantry - This is one of the prettiest restaurants in the city. With its pastel coloured walls, tall French windows and trendy menu full of baguette sandwiches, coq monsieur and organic something. It is the ideal spot to come and enjoy a cup of coffee and dessert. The free wifi makes it easier to enjoy that cup of coffee while tackling a bunch of emails.

Woodside Inn - Both the outlets in Andheri as well as Colaba are popular watering holes. Patrons flock here for their beer, burgers and pizzas. The food is always enjoyable as are their cocktails. While it can get noisy at night, during the day it is the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the wifi while wolfing down on one of their famous burgers.

Social - This trendy pub has outlets mushrooming all over the city. With outlets in Colaba, Todi Mills, the Palladium Mall and a couple more expected to open, this is one of the most popular spots in town. While the décor is best described as shabby chic, it is the affordable grub and cocktails along with excellent music that has everyone buzzing. The idea behind social is to make it a space where people can work from and during the day you will see many folks glued to their laptops. If you sign up with them for the month you get a bunch of perks, along with the free wifi (high speed internet) and a very cool place to call your office.

Leaping Windows Cafe - Who doesn't want to work in a space that is themed around comic books? It is the furthest thing from a conventional office space and excellent motivation for any creative work. Leaping Windows is one of the coolest little cafes in Andheri and while they offer plenty to eat and drink, it is the laid back charm and no fuss attitude that makes you want to re-visit and lounge around. Plus the free wifi and comic book library are added bonuses.

Cafe Zoe - Delicious food, amazing live acts, a thriving bar and pretty décor are some of the things that make Cafe Zoe an incredible place to visit. The free wifi is just the icing on the cake. Since it serves excellent breakfast options as well, this is an ideal spot for conducting meetings or to work on your own. 

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