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Hor Mok Food Festival at Baan Thai, Oberoi Grand, Kolkata
Hor Mok Food Festival at Baan Thai, Oberoi Grand, Kolkata | EazyDiner Food Trends

Hor Mok Food Festival at Baan Thai, Oberoi Grand, Kolkata

It Is All About Celebration

25 Oct, 2016 by Madhushree Basu Roy

It Is All About Celebration

It is the month of festivals with two major festivals of Durga Puja and Diwali, both falling in the month of October. The festivities and fun in the air is clearly visible in the city. Keeping up with the spirit of the city, Baan Thai, at Oberoi Grand has brought about a special Hor Mok menu for the entire month of celebration. Now ‘Hor Mok’ or also known as ‘Homok, is not about a dish but an entire amalgamation of ingredients into one dish; which is steamed in banana leaf and then served. It is a traditional method of cooking in Thailand where they have food in hor mok style usually to celebrate an occasion, which could be just about anything. It is quite popularly presented in marriages, since a hor mok is a marriage of ingredients.

Baan Thai has always had a couple of hor mok dishes in their menu. However, Chef Klae Somsuay from Thailand, who has been part of the restaurant since its inception, is all enthusiastic about educating the people of Kolkata in the various nuances and flavours of Thai cuisine along with an understanding of the culture of Thailand. Hence, he decided on dedicating an entire month of celebration by having an extensive Hor Mok menu as an addition to the regular menu at Baan Thai.

One can find dishes in all kinds of ingredients, from a vegetarian medley in a red curry sauce enhanced with a peanut sauce and then steamed and served inside a tender coconut called hormok phak mapao to a very popular hormok dish called hormok thalay which is a blend of seafood including scallops, prawns and crabs marinated in red curry paste and then steamed in a banana cup. There is something for everyone in this menu including chicken, pork, fish, exotic vegetables and glass noodles. For staples, one can have the hormok khao man edamame or sticky rice with edamame beans steamed inside banana leaf parcels. The best part about this menu is it also comes with a delicious dessert of Thai warm coconut rice pudding called kanom krog.

This festival will be on till the 31st of October 2016 and is available for both lunch and dinner service on á la carte basis. However, at a later time if anyone wants to try any of the hormok dishes they can always request the chef, who would be more than glad to present it.

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