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Know Your Bread And Where To Find It In Delhi NCR

Of French Baguette, Sandwich Loaves, Croissants, Breakfast Rolls And More

15 Aug, 2017 by Rupali Dean

Of French Baguette, Sandwich Loaves, Croissants, Breakfast Rolls And More

Health Is Wealth

Bread is known to be the staple food for many people, thanks to Louis Pasteur, the father of modern microbiology who discovered how yeast worked. Ages ago people considered refined white bread a sign of affluence and privilege of the rich and cultured. The poor ate coarse-grained brown breads. Lately whole grain breads have taken over owing to their high fiber content. If you use the best quality ingredients and the whole-wheat bread includes Flour and Cracked kernels of wheat, you know for sure it is natural, nutritious, and full of fiber, vitamins and calcium. Fiber flushes toxins, boosts immunity, lowers cholesterol and slows ageing and hence it is gaining popularity. The popular view today is that whole grain bread, owing to its vitamin-rich germ and fiber-rich bran, is more nutritious and better for our general health than refined flour breads.

Know Your Bread – Most Popular Ones In Delhi

French Baguette - Interestingly Baguette means stick; these loaves are usually long, thin and crusty. One can add various ingredients to the dough and get loads of flavours. 

Brioche - It contains flour, yeast to which is added butter, milk and eggs and a wee bit of sugar. This has a typical shape, which is a round base with slightly sloping sides and a round dot on top. The dough can be made into loaves too. The individual Brioche can be hollowed and filled with various ingredients like fruit and cream etc.

Croissants – Mostly Crescent shaped soft in the inside with a slight crackly crust with a nice buttery taste. Apart from the classic croissant, variants include a filling of chocolate, almond paste and even pastry cream.

Sandwich Loaf- Variants can be a whole-wheat meal or even multi grain. Variants include masala bread, marble bread by mixing the same dough with Indian masalas in the former and whole-wheat flour in the latter and rolling it into a closed roll.

Breakfast Rolls - Made with flour and fat rubbed in the flour. Milk, water and yeast are added to make its dough. 

Multigrain Bread - This normally constitutes of rolled oats, coarse rye flour, wheat bran and high gluten flour mixed with fresh yeast, warm water, light brown sugar, honey, salt and some buttermilk. There can be single grain bread too like the English Oatmeal Bread; this bread is made with mixing Oatmeal and wheat flour.

Whole Wheat Bread - The dough is made of fresh yeast, cold water, honey or light brown sugar, granulated sugar, a pinch of salt, unsalted butter and of course whole-wheat flour and egg for wash. 

Sourdough - It is a newer trend and is made using various blends of wheat or rye. A variant can be multigrain too.

French Rye Bread - It is of two types, one, which contains two-thirds rye, and the other, which has a lesser amount of rye, this is mixed with wheat flour.



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