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Let's scream, Ice Cream! | EazyDiner Food Trends

Let's scream, Ice Cream!

Innovative ice creams for the foodie’s cravings

06 Jun, 2015 by Sanchi Arora

Innovative ice creams for the foodie’s cravings

The ice cream season is here. Summer blues will make you feel lazy and in the mood for some serious ‘chilling’. We just couldn’t help but plan out a whole new list of ice creams for you with different concepts. We love our lollies and cones but it’s time to go beyond them and explore many more variations this summer. As they say, one scoop of ice cream can go a long, long way!


It is yummy if it is natural. Many of us knew about this long before Natural even opened in Delhi, thanks to their outlets in Western and South India. They use only fresh fruits for their ice creams and no artificial flavours or preservatives. So whether it’s a tender coconut flavour or a choco chip flavour, Naturals is your answer. Who knew that this 300 sq. ft ice cream parlor at Juhu would expand so much and make us fall in love with it? Oh and did we tell you, the alphonso mango flavour is just lovely. Currently it has two outlets in Delhi: GK 1 and Connaught place. So we suggest you grab your scoop if you haven’t already.


We love our kulfis, don’t we? Whether it is the stick kulfi, or the falooda/cup kulfi, Kulfiano has left no stone unturned where innovation is concerned. There are about 20 different flavours available, and these are constantly worked upon to serve you that perfect kulfi. The pura aam kulfi actually has stuffed kulfi inside the mango itself. The jamun and paan kulfis are also extremely innovative and the whole concept itself is very natural. Chocolate lovers please don’t think before ordering the Nutella flavour!  Well-priced and not heavy on your pocket at all, try it to believe it.


What if we tell you, that your favourite ice cream will be made right in front of your eyes, that too using nitrogen? Added to this, your favourite sauce will be served to you in a syringe. Sounds strange? Let us tell you that it won’t taste strange. Located in the SDA Market opposite IIT Delhi, Azote is your answer to experimentation and finesse in ice creams. So if you’ve been craving for a red velvet ice cream, we assure you that you will not be disappointed here. Offering an array of ice creams with your usual cakes, chocolates and macarons, visit this place for an experience that you will remember.


You may have read about this place somewhere because its offerings are really healthy and innovative. They serve handcrafted popsicles with their forte being fruit flavours. Frugurpop is a refreshing change from that ice cream stick which has artificial additives. Try their best-selling flavours such as Frutilicious and Pomegranate raspberry. If fruits are not your answer, try the Oreo cookies and cream or Tiramisu flavour. Grab your ‘paleta’ from Sector 57, Gurgaon, or get it delivered at your doorstep!

Cherry Comet

Fruits blended into your ice cream, ice cream shakes, or waffles with your favourite ice creams. Sounds interesting? Customize your favourite ice cream and include whatever you like, and yes, they do nitrogen ice cream too. You can choose from flavours such as Mango man, Banana mud slice, or try the Boomerang that they claim is the only Bubblegum ice cream in town! Head to Cyber Hub in Gurgaon if you have missed out on this.

So here you are. We have given you ice cream options which will make you fall in love with summer. Take your pick. Attack!