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Combining Cinema With Food At International Film Festival Of India

26 Nov, 2016 by Nolan Mascarenhas

Combining Cinema With Food At International Film Festival Of India

The 47th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) is upon Goa and all is abuzz with the film fraternity both National & International making their way to the sunny state. The air is electric and filed with bazars, discussions, workshops, interviews; celeb spotting’s and film deals being made on the streets of Panjim. 

Serendipity Arts Festival in association with IFFI presents Lets Talk – Challenging the norms of seeing the unseen, with a series of discussions and dialogues from the 23rd to 27th of November 2016. The series focuses on various themes with the main focus of showcasing ‘Food as Art’ at Watsons, Goa. Curated by Odette Mascarenhas in association with Fratelli wines, she mentions 'It is innovation and creativity galore. It is the ability to stimulate and surprise, utilising new methods to manipulate ingredients, interacting with technology and design new experimental concepts. This is ‘art’ especially when textures, aroma’s, flavours and eye appeal come together to thrill all the senses. Exec Chef Ashley D’souza and Sous Chef Joy Mondal of Watson’s Pub have designed the food keeping with the themes – ‘addiction’, ‘multiple boundaries’, ‘Indian harmony- incredible diversity’, ‘creative inspirations’ and ‘ A bait to tickle the funny bone’. This is not a ‘run of the mill’ production but something that is invigorating, challenging and unique. “

23rd November –  Creating 1.3 billion cinema addicts with the generic theme of food as an addiction. 

The concept reflects around new found connectivity wherein things have found a way into our homes and our hearts. This tag line brings in comfort, and where food is concerned, the Indian palate is addicted to comfort food. Here the chef’s play around the theme – preparations within the comfort zone of individuals, showcased as art. Textures, aroma, flavours, eye appeal, colour come together – it is a take on being a culinary addict with preparations that find home-styled comfort. Dishes on display include the aloo tuk, California smoothie, beef croquets and egg chops

24th November –  Regional films are dubbed into 800 dialects which gives rise to food transgressing multiple boundaries.

Can a single ingredient in a kitchen create a masterpiece that moves across cultural and regional cuisines? It takes creativity when you consider the significance of that one principal cuisine understood by different palates the world over. Here the chef’s take 4 principle ingredients and the ability to work their magic by getting a principle ingredient and multiple resonances, ‘dubbed to recreate the hot and cold magic with the common ingredient being black pepper, infused in crispy okra, elephant yam cutlets, Kerala black pepper fish and muthi kabab with a kiwi spritz for company. 

25th November  Reflecting Contemporary culture through incredible diversity is what India is all about. A beacon of cultural harmony

The session defines the traits of the culinary diversity of India. As a country of extremes where spices play an important role, one is amazed at the incredible diversity, as well as harmony on individual palates. North, South, East or West, the chef’s intrinsic understanding of key cultural elements of each area is what enables them to put together a  flow which is harmonious, yet so diverse in taste and flavours. From the south of India comes the paneer karepak vepudu, followed by the vegetarian stuffed chilli bhajji from up north to add a spicy zing. Go west with the keema vada pav and follow your heart to the costal regions with the Karwari prawns. Cool off the interactive session with a Shirley temple

26th November  – Whose idea is it anyway? Original v/s copy as food being creatively inspired from the old traditional ways to fit today’s modern palate and avatar. 

Which was the original master and which is the copy. Here they go local as they play around the concept of Portuguese traditional preparations being redefined into our present Goan flavours. Were we inspired by the traditional methods of cooking? An insight through this married discussion of film and food through crispy vegetables, vegetarian calzone, bacon rissois, chicken cafreal washing it down with an Apple Fizz. 

27th November  – The new comedy with food as a bait to tickle one's funny bone

It is interesting to note that many comic characters love food – Popeye and his craving for spinach, Jughead and his famous pop tate burgers, Garfield and his lasagna, Obelix with his insatiable appetite for wild boar. Our chef’s have stretched their imagination to work on delicacies which would interest these prototype characters. Take the burnt garlic cheese potli and the crispy chilli corn. The traditional chourasco pav – rich in flavour, spice & aroma served with a seafood samosa, is something that is definitely going to tickle one's 'gastro bone’. And as the event comes to a close what better way to sit back and enjoy the rich debates and thoughts dished out by industries stalwarts over a minty melon cooler

These discussions are conducted at Watsons Pub in Panjim and will run from the 23-27th November 2016 between 5:15pm to 7pm.

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An award winning photojournalist, Nolan is torn between food & travel. Having held multiple exhibitions across- he loves to capture the essence of a meal or moment through his lens. Known for his love of food he believes in making viewers salivate over drool worthy pictures, titilating their palates over social media. His photography added vivid dimensions through his contribution to the book The Culinary Heritage of Goa which won the Gourmand Best in the World for Historical recepies in 2015. Author of the ever popular food/travel blog, many have commonly referred to his wit or 'twit'iness. A recepient of the prestigious REX Karmaveer Chakra award by UNESCO he spends most of his time divided between sampling the various offerings of the gastronomic world and his unending quest for new and far flung places.

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