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7 Mango Desserts to Devour in Mumbai
7 Mango Desserts to Devour in Mumbai | EazyDiner Food Trends

7 Mango Desserts to Devour in Mumbai

Mango Mania

19 May, 2016 by Roxanne Bamboat

Mango Mania

Summer is all about eating clean and trying to stay fresh. Most folks opt for lighter meals and plenty of fluids. A lot of the heavy gravy filled food is given a miss in favour of salads and more fruit. The fruit that really is the flavour of the season is none other than our very special mango. While other varieties of the fruit are available through the year, summer is when the beloved Alfonso mango or Hapus as it is fondly called, is found in abundance. Suddenly you find chefs and restaurants getting creative with this fruit and you can enjoy mango shakes, salads and even things such as mango pulao! 

These are all wonderful ways to incorporate the mangoes but if you ask us, the best way is to add them to desserts. There is nothing more satisfying than indulging in a rich mango filled pastry or cake. This season everyone is getting creative and we picked some of our favourite mango based desserts.

Vanilla Scented Mango Pannacotta at Out of the Blue - Some desserts will also be the year round favourites but during special seasons with different flavours they really come alive. the pannacotta is one such dessert that tastes delicious when served with fruits. During summer, there are plenty of mango based pannacottas but the one at Out of the Blue with a delicious mango basil salsa is quite special. 

Amrakhand cheesecake and Chatpata Aam Center at English Vinglish - Chef Ranveer Brar has recently launched his own pâtisserie which stars Indian inspired desserts and so far it is a hit. For this summer there are two very interesting desserts. The first being an amrakhand or mango shrikhand with American Philadelphia cream cheese inspired soft cheesecake which really is the perfect east meets west marriage. The second is spiced caramalised mango pulp enrobed with white chocolate which gives you this distinct kachi kairi taste. Unusual but delicious. 

Mango Menu at The Sassy Spoon - While we usually pick just one dessert at a restaurant, The Sassy Spoon has left us in a fix. They have a special seasonal mango based dessert menu and it features some beautiful treats such as a mango Malibu tiramisu that is probably going to have any self respecting Italian in a fury but when you eat it, it literally sings in your mouth. They also have a mango passion dome (mango mousse with passion fruit jelly) with mango ice cream and a mango ginger sorbet with other mango inspired desserts. 

Mango Tarts at The Grand Hyatt Hotel - The gourmet store at the Grand Hyatt has a special mango menu all this month with various different desserts but if you really want to enjoy the best of the lot, we suggest you opt for their pastry sized mango tarts. The baked yogurt with fresh mangoes is another great choice as is their mango cheesecake. Who are we kidding, the entire menu is meant to be devoured, so go crazy and indulge! 

Crêpes with Caramalised Mango at Woodside Inn -  Everybody's favourite neighbourhood bar is a great spot for a meal. Apart from their pizza and burger menu which they are known for, they also make some excellent desserts. Woodside Inn has decided to embrace this summer with a divine crêpe filled with caramalised mangoes and chocolate chips along with a special rum butter sauce. Crêpes are always a great choice for desserts or even breakfast but these mango ones are incredible.

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